Which Season are You?

It is time to go through your closet, organize clothes based on color, pick out clothes that are your season colors, and place others in the “accent” section. Then, you will be better able to create your foundation colors, based on neutral and basic must-haves that you can later build on with the right colors from your season.

#2 Winter Colors: Cool, Icy and Dark

Winter people prefer to wear crispy, cool, and clean-toned colors, such as pure white, taupe, pure gray—light to charcoal, black, navy, pure blue, royal blue, and very light blue, hot bright turquoise and light aqua, pure green—light to emerald and pine green, shocking pink, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, very light pink, pure red and other reds with blue undertones, bright and cool burgundy—wine, lemon yellow, very light yellow, royal purple, and very light violet. I am a winter because I feel I look good in all these colors, although I sometimes wear warm-toned colors, but I make sure the cool-toned clothing is near my skin, while the warm-toned color is just a contrast or accent, worn layered. But I love all colors, and I always make it work for me, even if I want to use Summer, Spring, and Autumn colors by using these colors as an accent or secondary color in my outfit, whether as contrast or complementary.

#3 Summer Colors: Cool, Soft, and Lighter

Summer people prefer to wear soft white, beiges with rose undertone, bluish grays—light to medium shades, reddish brown tones and cocoa, grayed navy, grayish blue, denim blue, sky blue, periwinkle, powder blue to medium blue, pastel blue, pastel to deep bluish-green, pastel to deep bluish-pink, deep rose, watermelon red, bluish-reds, raspberry red, burgundy—maroon, brick and cordovans, light lemon yellow, plum, soft fuchsia, mauve, orchid, and lavender. Notice that the summer shades are lighter than the winter shades, but both are cool-toned.

#4 Autumn Colors: Warm, Earthy, and Bold

Autumn people prefer oyster white, earthy beiges, camel, golden beige, dark brown as well as other rich-toned browns—tan, coffee, bronze, mahogany, teal blue, deep periwinkle, turquoise, grayish-yellow green, lime to bright yellow-green, earthy green—olive, moss, jade, and forest, all orange shades, deep peach, salmon, rust, terra cotta, orange-reds, bittersweet, dark tomato, all golden colors,  and yellow-gold.

#5 Spring Colors: Warm, Vivid, Colorful, Bright but Light

Spring people prefer ivory white, clear beiges—creamy shades and camel, warm yellowed grays—light to medium, golden browns and clear tans, light clear navy, light royal blue, periwinkle blues—light to dark, medium warm turquoise, clear aqua, pastel to bright yellow greens, light oranges—apricot, peach, salmon, corals and light rust, all peach-yellow pinks, clear red and orange-reds, clear gold, bright golden yellow, medium violet and blue-violet. Noticed that the spring colors are much lighter than the autumn colors, but both are warm-toned.


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