What are you favorite purse collection?

Tuesday, 2.27.19

As I watch some Youtube videos, I notice that having a designer purse collection is the “IN” trend for the 2000s decade. I remember from the Sex in the City series, which took place in the 90s, cool designer shoes were the trend. I watched some videos of girls displaying their top 10 favorite designer purses they own. I am considering doing a video of my top 10 favorite purses I have, but not necessarily designer purses, just some of my favorite purses that I use more than others.

I remember, back in the 80s and 90s, I mostly just used backpacks and tote bags a lot. I was young and mostly living the student life, running around everywhere with million of items stuffed inside my bulky totes and backpacks. I looked like a young and thin but trendy bag lady.

Nowadays, I prefer to carry a stylish purse, even for my iPad, iPhone, camera, and portfolio. I usually carry my LV tote for busy days, black RL tote for my camera and flash, Black Burberry Fragrance tote for my other old camera and flash. But if I am hiking or street hiking, I usually carry either backpack, messenger bag, or a small crossbody messenger-style bags.

I recently noticed that I have a red Chanel. I am not sure who I got it from. I think it might be my late mother’s purse. But it looks old, like it has been used a lot.


What do you think?

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