Wedding Rings for Women: The Complete Guide

First of all, congratulations on your wedding. It is a big decision you have made; perhaps you have taken a lot of factors into consideration while choosing a soulmate for life. Now the next step is choosing the right wedding attire.

In attire, the essential item is the wedding ring for the bride. It is the center of attraction during the event. People notice the rings worn by the married couple as much as they see the couple.

Choosing the wedding ring may be confusing for the bride, due to the multiplicity of options. Besides, there are newer styles and designs introduced in the market that replace the older ones.

Moreover, an outdated style may seem undesirable. In this case, the best bet is to keep in the currency of the trends and get along with it.

These were some factors affecting your choice to buy the best out of the varieties of wedding rings.

Here are some tips for choosing the most attractive wedding ring for the bride.

1. Choose the Right Material

One of the essential choices to make is to get the right metal. No doubt, there is not a lot of options in the metal. You have only two options, namely gold and platinum. Gold as a metal is very versatile for every style and suits everyone. It suits everyone regardless of his or her age, race, ethnicity, and so on.

Besides, due to its extremely high malleability, it is very easy for someone to give any shape and design to a piece of jewelry made up of gold. Therefore, you can see some of the most intricate designs on a gold ring and pendant.

Therefore, gold is intrinsically the very suitable metal for any jewelry. Other things add to the quality of gold.

Modern standards have made gold even more intriguing than before. Gold is nowadays available in yellow as well as rose hues. The different hues are also available in different finishings like dull and shiny.

White gold is regarded as a different material; however, it is 75% gold and 25% nickel; this is why it has that whitish hue. It is ideal as an alternative to the more expensive platinum. Also, it does not get tarnished due to oxidation like silver.

Platinum is the other choice in metals for wedding rings. It is more preferred than gold due to its high luster and exceptional value in the market. Due to its high price, it may not be the first choice for most people. However, it can be the most indispensable choice for a momentous occasion like a wedding.

2. Go For the Right Design

For those who are cautious about the budget, getting a sleek ring is the best way to get around the limited budget. The concern here could be that the elegant design may not give you the effect that you desire.

This issue can be tackled by getting a more prominent and attractive design. The intricate and beautiful design with copious grooves can add excellent value to your wedding ring despite its sleekness.

There are various ways to make a design fascinating. The bimetallic ring, e.g., is one such way. One ring with two metals, namely gold and platinum, can be the best wedding vogue. Moreover, the two metals can be put together in several ways to get the most beautiful style.

A ring with different hues of gold along with platinum can be the most irresistible deal. The designs vary from the simplest to the most complex. The knife-edge classic wedding ring, gold metal wedding ring, twisted pavé stackable ring, classic wedding ring, slightly curved wedding ring, bezel-set diamond wedding ring, knife-edge diamond wedding ring, pavé-set eternity ring, open infinity stackable wedding ring, sapphire gemstone stackable wedding ring, and round and marquise diamond stackable rings are some of the choicest options.

3. Consider a Precious Stone

Getting a diamond ring could be a far-fetched idea for those who are budget-minded. However, for those who have a flair for precious stones, getting a piece of diamond is inevitable.

Fortunately, there are options in diamonds that can cut down on the budget tremendously. Some shapes and form-factors of diamonds are usually less expensive than the other. The Princess cut form is less costly than a circular diamond.

The lab-grown diamonds are also far less expensive than the mined ones. This is the best way to get a quality diamond without paying so steeply.

There are various other designs of diamond that can make your wedding the most memorable occasion. There are small diamonds, which can be arranged in a series on the head of the ring. Also, the small diamonds can overlap on the shank of the ring to make it look wholly studded with diamonds.

There are different colors in the diamond, and these colors are imperfections in the technical sense. However, they add unmatched value to the diamond. Getting colored diamonds, e.g., green, red, or black, can make sure that you have a very outstanding precious stone on a ring.

Getting a diamond ring is like and investment. The value of the ring cannot diminish unless you buy a lousy stone. All diamonds may superficially look the same but may have many things hidden within that effect the carat of the diamond.

Various certifications prove the authenticity of the diamond. Some of these certifications authenticate the purity, validate the perfection in the cut, and so on. Getting a well-authenticated diamond piece is the best way to get a diamond as it has a better resale value.

To Conclude

This article was a guide for you to get the best wedding ring. It covers points like choosing the right metal and design. Besides, getting a diamond may increase the price significantly; however, getting a lab-grown diamond can help you cut down the budget. Alternatively, getting a certified diamond can prove to be a valuable investment in the long run.


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