Walk Like a Runway Model

Saturday, February 22, 2020

This video is interesting about the Supermodel catwalk style. The walking style is mostly personal as well as natural for each runway model. Most of these models created their own natural walk. Naomi Campbell stated that her mother taught her to walk like a model. Some models watched video to learn how to walk on the runway. Naomi Campbell taught Gigi Hadid how to walk in a hotel hallway. But it is mostly just practicing on my runway jobs.

Many models have fallen during a runway show, but it isn’t a big deal anymore because most of the fall for different reasons. They just have to get back up and continue with the show.

Naomi Campbell’s mother was a ballet dancer, and Naomi started out as a ballet dancer. When she was 16, her mother taught her how to walk. Many of the young models studied Naomi’s walk, as well as other 80s and 90s runway models on Youtube videos because they are known to be the best catwalk models.

And, that is how they create their Signature Walk…

I wonder what kind of walk I have because I do a lot of street walking at walking meetups, hiking meetups, treadmills, mall hallways, mall alleys, and the downtown garment district during the 80s and 90s. I guess my natural walk tends involve taking long strides briskly, zooming past most people and taking the lead, even though I am not sure where I am going, but still striving toward the top.


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