The state of Gujarat is inhabiting various communities which has a remarkable variety of traditional Jewelry. The western coast of India i.e. very much cultural enriched and reflects the culture vivacity through its well design and traditional dresses and Gujarati jewelry. Jewelry of Gujarat plays an integral part in making Gujarati costume presentable well and look beautiful. Gujarat jewelry is generally intricately crafted, artistic, and heavy which complementing the traditional costume look of Gujarat. As the Gujarati festivals are full of joy and colors. So, to match their this requirement by beauty of Gujarati jewelry too.

When the Dussehra or Navratri comes the whole native is ready with their best traditional touch of Gujarati jewelry who are in full mood to enjoy the festival. During the festival, lavish accessories and jewelries are spotted all around the Gujarati people. Jewelry of Gujarat gives a sense and sign of gracefulness, style, and artistry which perfectly showcase the tradition o Gujarat. The unique thing of this culture is that Gujarat jewelry is not just made and worn by Gujarati women but also by Gujarati men.

Here are the Gujarati jewelry for men and women both of which look fanatic on Gujarati people.

Traditional Gujarat jewelry for men

There are certain accessories and jewelry that Gujarati men may also wear i.e. golden chain and ring which goes embellished with the turban. And also, can wear a silver ornament which may add gravity to their toughness.

Traditional jewelry of Gujarat for women 

In the tradition of Gujarat, there are several varieties of ornaments to be worn by their ladies such as nose pins, rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, and chains. But as royal they consider buying something new and wear something unique. The tassel key rings flaunt ornate on their waist. If any of them has Mangalsutra strung on their neckline my apply some sindoor and vermilion. It is a sign of a holy marriage bond. Their do may one of the more options i.e. tribal silver Gujarati jewelry which is mostly found work in the village women.

Making process of traditional silver jewelry

Silver is the major and main part of any Gujarati jewelry to make. At first, the silver sheet is cut with the assistance of a metal sheet shaper as per the necessary size and plan. At that point, the silver sheet is marginally warmed to make it delicate utilizing hand gas burner and set apart with the metal compass. The silver wire is sliced and twisted to a round shape. At that point, the formed silver wire is set on the silver sheet by dunking the wire in the mixture (water-dissolvable motion glue and water) and warmed so the wire merges nicely with the sheet. 

Craftsman checks whether there is an air hole or not. On the off chance that there is any hole, the little silver pieces, which are dunked in glue solution, are set in the middle of to fill the hole. At that point, little round molded slender metal wires are organized by following the genuine blueprint and again welded.

The narrow silver wire is sliced in too little pieces and dunked in an arrangement made of water and water-solvent transition glue. At that point, the little pieces are masterminded in succession and terminated with the hand gas burner, so the little silver sticks are changed over into small-scale silver balls. These small-scale silver balls are absorbed in mixture and afterward arranged in a particular order which can form and look as blueprint planned. At that point, the article is again burned and cooled by soaking in ordinary water. 

The negative part around the blueprint is expelled carefully with the assistance of a metal sheet shaper. Afterward eliminating the undersigned part from design, the sharp edges are smoothened by utilizing filer. The structured article is decorated by pounding the impression instrument on the article. When done with this decorating and stamping, flat round molded silver wire is included in the middle and merged with the article.

The craftsman works with the specifying part and the fasten for the conventional silver pendant is joined by welding. Whereas in the other hand little gems are made physically by warming the small size silver pieces, which goes fit as a fiddle, and the snare, is joined to get a ringer structure and fastened to the silver pendant. At that point, the article is cleaned and washed with the tamarind water. And then finally the final finishing is done and gives an ethnic look.

Gujarati Jewelry 

Few of traditional Gujarati jewelries are mentioned here:

  • Kandora
  • It is made up of silver. It is one of the popular jewelry of Gujarat. It is worn around a waist and is known as Kamar-Bandh.
  •  Damini
  • For making this also silver metal is used. It is one of the bride ornaments to wear. It is ahead ornament and attached its loops sides to the middle side.


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