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My Top Trends for 2018: Mannequins in the City

On Sunday, February 4th, I decided to go window-shopping at South Coast Plaza, mostly to see if there is anything new as well as get some ideas. I noticed the latest trends, and they looked like trends for spring and summer. Since people aren’t allowed to take photos inside the stores, I decided to take photos of the window displays, which are most interesting anyway because I like creating surreal photos. The follow snapshots were taken outside the Nordstrom department store from the glass windows and doors.

  1. Cropped pants
  2. Asymmetrical clothes
  3. Short ankle socks or hosiery is worn with sandals
  4. I also noticed wide pants and culottes, cropped and full length, inside the stores.
  5. In this snapshots, rainbow –colored clothes appear to be popular.
  6. I noticed different skirt lengths.

In the second snapshot, I notice torn denim pants and shorts, ruffles, wrap skirts, off-the-shoulder blouses, ruffled blouses with one shoulder down, wrap shirts, backpacks, scarf around the neck, cropped denim pants, and pinstriped shirts. The bright -colored rainbow theme continues with a bright yellow shirt worn with denim pants and an orange shirt worn with denim pants.

The Clique from Topshop model teen fashions of denim and moto jackets, combining American trends with edgy biker trends. This photo indicates how teenagers have changed, due to societal and media influence, from natural, earthy and casual to edgy, wild, and urban. In the third snapshot, a modernized version of the western and prairie fashions involve denim, floral print shirt, and floral print skirt with ruffles involve added boat hat, Moto jacket, ankle boots, miniskirts, and bellbottoms. I also thought it was interesting that I got the three women on the left checking out the clothes on the mannequins. Denim jackets are popular, as well, but a modern version involves adding decorations on it, whether pins, patches, gems, studs, and/or embroidery and embellishments.

In the fourth snapshot, pastels and khaki are popular, especially when paired with white.

  1. A pastel high-rise, cropped trouser is worn with a classic white shirt. She appears to be wearing pastel-colored flat shoes.
  2. The other mannequin is wearing a white tiered miniskirt with a print shirt and khaki jacket. She paired this outfit with beige loafers.
  3. There are also some mannequins, wearing flirty dresses, and hanging in the balcony.
  4. I also like this snapshot because of the combination of scenes between the mannequins, people, and trees, street, and parking lot, which adds a story to this fashion scene, Mannequins in the City


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