Top 8 Trends for 2018 Fashions

  1. 70s inspired fashion–I was a kid in the 70s, and I remember some items, such as flared jeans, platform sandals, wrap skirts, floral prairie skirts with ruffles, those mushroom-like brown shoes, floppy hats, halter tops, argyle vests, print shirts, short hair, beads, moccasins, converse sneakers, oxfords, denim with patches and beads.
  2. Nerd Chic includes wearing glasses, print shirt, knit vests, and match pants or skirt, as well as knee-high socks, oxfords, berettes, and your briefcase with iPad, iPhone, laptop, and other necessary tools.
  3. Geometric Minimalism and Shapes includes diamond and hexagon shaped jewelry with geometric print clothing.
  4. Denim on Denim continues to be popular. But denim really never goes out of fashion.
  5. Velvet continues to be popular. I have always liked velvet, but i think it is a dressy and festive fabric, perfect for parties and events.
  6. The 2018 color is Purple, as well as amethyst stone.
  7. Large Floral Prints
  8. The French Riviera style, which includes Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, and Nice–the coastal cities in the south of France. I have been there in August 1986 with my late parents, and I liked it there, such as the coastal cafes, flea markets, Monaco, and perfume factories. I bought a blue and white striped and long-sleeved blouse from Monte Carlo, and it has Monte Carlo logo in red. I would probably wear my black beret with it, as well as a scarf and denim pants.

This list was also popular last year because they sound familiar. I feel that I wrote a similar post last year which consisted of these trends.


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