Top 10 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends

Monday, September 11, 2017

She lists that the basic trends for this autumn include oversized knits with miniskirts, Ott sleeves, pink fake fur, and soft dresses with cinched waist. I looked up Ott because I have never heard of Ott sleeves, and I noticed that it looks like basic t-shirts.

  1. Head to toe monochromatic red outfit, or just wear red accessories and lipstick as accents.
  2. Fancy tights look fun, especially with a neutral monochromatic outfit.
  3. Add some fake feathers, frills, and fake fur textures as an accent to a monochromatic outfit to create layered texture because autumn is all about the layered look
  4. Maxi bag is a huge purse, whether large totes or large enough to look like a mini suitcase.
  5. Chunky knit sweater with pleated mini skirt
  6. Artsy and colorful maxi dress has a 70s inspiration, and it tends to be a sheer floral dress
  7. Think Blue, maybe even monochromatic blue outfit, from a periwinkle blue shade to a cobalt blue shade. Such blue shade is a soft color of blue.
  8. 70s Fabric such as shearling, corduroy, and denim. I have always loved corduroy.
  9. Cinch the waist of coats, jackets, and sweaters with belts.
  10. Belted coats

I own items on this top 10 lists. I just need to coordinate my items into the right outfit to make everything work together.


What do you think?