Tips to nail the fashion game, Men.

Fashion, well how a man dresses says a lot about them first hand. It’s always good to have nice taste in fashion and even living on a budget, a man can dress exquisitely as a gentleman should, so here goes…

  • Choose quality over quantity; you dont have to buy the most expensive brands to get quality, there are styles out there that posssess great manufacture quality and has a great style and look, choosing quantity can even cost in the long run since most times they hardly last.
  • Up that shoe game; as i said, you dont have to buy all the shoes in the world or the most expensive shoes, but be intentional and classy about your shoe shopping and please dont forget the belt look, and i am telling you from now, that you wont regret buying that pair of shiny, black shoe but you dont have to restrict it to just tha, nothing is wrong with saving to buy those new Jordan’s.
  • Stay off the trends; a mean, who likes a cliche, be your own trend setter, invent and develop your own style and flaunt it with absolute confidence, i can guarantee you, the ladies like that!
  • Tease with your style and image; michael kors will do just fine but then again, anything nice will do, you just have to have that watch, and ne that fits nicely and blends with that exquisitely tailored suit and i can tell you, watches do up your image. And do your search, invest in that magazine because there are great quality, well affordable watches out there and its not something you have to buy many times per year, so i’ll say its a good investment.
  • Take care of your fits; the cleaners are not that expensive but you can learn and practice to take good care of your fits and the fact that they are not cheap should motivate you to do so. And you don’t want when you wear them again, it just looks totally awful and stainy and ensure when putting taht suit together, it is well fitted, please go to the tailor or store in person to get that new suit.

Style nowadays is underrated and people are starting to dress completely bland but you can dress classy and comfortable but i will end saying find what is comfortable and what works for you but dont be too ratchet with it.

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