Things You Need to Know Before Designing Custom Wedding Rings

Custom wedding rings are in trend. Today’s couples are choosing to design their wedding rings themselves. Fortunately, many online jewelry stores are providing this facility.

Do you want to design a custom wedding ring for you? Brilliant. There are many online jewelry stores that let you design your own right for wedding purposes. But, before stepping out to design custom wedding rings, have a look at these important things.

Extra Time

Designing a custom ring consumes a lot of time and effort. So, you need to have patience. The process may involve creating the design, from scratch, sketched design, 3D model or computer rendering,  and then bring that design to life. You need to discuss with the artists for sharing your actual design ideas and may continue to discuss if you want any changes in it. So, it is advisable to start as early as possible.


Set a budget when you start ring shopping. In the case of a pre-made ring, you can see the price tag. No idea how much custom wedding rings would cost. You can’t know the total price until you choose your design elements. Remember, custom rings may come at a higher price tag when compared with the ring out of the jeweler’s case. So, set your budget.

 Jeweler Selection

Selecting a jeweler carefully is one of the most important parts of designing your wedding ring. Try to work with a well established and experienced jeweler in designing jewelry. Look for someone who is ready to share your vision and is willing to bring it to life, listens to your design inputs, and includes in the ring. If the jeweler you have chosen does not listen to you, then leave him and look out for another one.

Taste Consideration

It’s very much important to consider the taste of your bride/groom. Make sure to design a ring that matches his/her style, skin tone, and personality. Consider the following to figure out what his/her might want in custom wedding rings design:

Look at general style, stones, and metals of existing jewelry collection

Find out her/his overall style

Discuss with  her/his close friends or family members

Casually browse rings with  her/his to see what draws  her/his eyes

Focus  her/his job and lifestyle

Ask directly for suggestions if he/she is aware of this proposal

Narrow Down the Style

Narrow down styles. Unique wedding rings come in limitless types, from classic and traditional to ultra-modern. Many styles work with both traditional and modern looks. Some popular common tyles are:

Side stones: If you tend to have something a little more dazzling, then go for a single stone, add side stones to accent the central stone.

Three stone: Get the center stone flanked by two smaller side stones – this is the feature of a three-stone ring. The band of a3-stone ring comes with other accents like additional stones, scrolls, or other detailing.

Solitaire: This style typically features a simple design. It is designed to have one center stone with not side stones. The stone shape and the metal used in it let it have a unique look.

Halo: In this type of style, the central stone is surrounded completely by smaller stones that leads to creating the look of a halo around it. There is no fixed shape of the center store. It can be almost of any type. Halo style has smaller stones running along with the band.

Vintage: Vintage is another most common, but popular option when it comes to custom wedding rings. Also known as heirloom style, these rings are new, but they take on an antique look.

The above things are very important to consider when designing wedding rings yourself.


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