The Best Fabrics to Create Gorgeous Evening and Prom Dresses

When you’re faced with so many beautiful options in style for your prom dresses, choosing the perfect one can be a very confusing process. There are thousands of different fabrics to choose from, and they all come at different price points too. From silk materials to cotton and wool – while not every fabric fits the ideal, you can really have any material you wish as long as you like it. If you’ve made the decision to create your own evening or prom dress, or perhaps you’re getting it made for you, one of the first things you’ll have to consider is the fabric. Your designer (or yourself) will want to get more of an idea of what style of dress you wish to have and thus decide on fabric from there. If you’re choosing any prom dresses already designed and made, then the retailer would have thought about this. Design and style must match up with the fabric to have the best dress that suits your body and figure shape.


If you’re wanting a dress that is red carpet ready and looks absolutely stunning no matter what style then a velvet fabric dress is the best choice for you. It has depth, shine and shows your richness. It’s easy, and it feels amazing too. The shimmering surface is beautiful, and you’ll feel like the prettiest princess if you’re able to wear a velvet dress. It’s not the most popular choice as it can be a little expensive but if you look online for cheap prom dresses and filter it by velvet, then you’ll be able to find something more in your price range. It’s also extremely durable and strong so you won’t have to worry about it breaking during your prom night.


This woven fabric is one of the most popular choices for evening and prom dresses. It is flexible and has a graceful flow. If anyone is looking for a more elegant dress with added class and traditional vibes, then this is the perfect choice for you. It’s also lightweight and has a textured surface which means it makes a beautiful dress even better. It is known to bring character to any dress since it has a crinkle and pebbled effect.


Bring out the beauty of any dress with this perfect fabric. It might be plain, but you can add as much color and patterns as you wish without it affecting how lovely the dress looks. It’s made from tight and loosely twisted yarns, so it’s always good quality. Chiffon is extremely popular with evening and prom dresses as it’s not too expensive, but it looks high quality and lasts a long time no matter how many times you wear it. JJ’s House designer, Jessica, loves chiffon “I think chiffon is a great choice if you’re wanting to save money on your prom dress, it’s lightweight and gives a beautiful drape – there is simply nothing else you could want from a stunning dress!”

There are so many other fabrics to choose from too, but, whatever you decide on to ensure it suits you and feels amazing. Your prom is one of the biggest nights of your life, for everything to go smoothly you’re going to have to think about your choices before purchasing a dress really.


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Written by Virily Editor