Springtime 2019 Fashion Ideas

Thursday, 4.11.19

I decided to go to South Coast Plaza to browse for inspiration and brainstorming ideas. While at the courtyard, in front of Macys, I noticed an Alexander McQueen display. 

I decided to take a snapshot on each side…

The multi-chain necklace on the mannequin with black dress got my attention, but the shoes were fun too.

I seem to like that look…bangles and multi-chain necklaces worn like bangles…

Something about the fashion style looks goth…

The purses are interesting because they have the same style as Chanel purses but the clasp is the signature Alexander McQueen style, which I think looks like Illuminati mafia-knuckles style. 

These purses also have the biker gang style…there were more purses on display…I also noticed that the models in the background billboards appeared to have tattoos…but she looked like a gypsy hanging out with a biker gang or mafia family…even the shoes had similar style with silver studs and metal decor, which looked fun, but I would wear such shoes for casual-wear…I also noticed that these knuckle rings are in style, and sometimes I even like to wear one ring on each finger, but I don’t like wearing any ring on my thumbs.

Then, I walked into Nordstrom to stumble upon an event. A blogger turned designer is promoting her fashion line, and there was a line started to meet her. Many housewife-looking women stood there in line, holding their iPhone and designer purses, as they anxiously waited to meet Rachel Parcell.

I stood there for a while, watching the event. I noticed most of the women were wearing a Rachel Parcell dress in yellow or soft pastel floral. 

The line was slowly growing, but it wasn’t very long. I have never heard of Rachel Parcell or her merchandise.

I decided to take a snapshot of some of her items on the table…

The floral arrangement looks pretty…pastel-colored roses…I also like that pastel scarf, but I don’t need any scarves.

One of the women fans is wearing the exact same dress as the designer. But it looks better on the designer because the designer is thin. 

I think all these women in the background are also wearing a Rachel Parcell dress. The yellow, white lacy one, pink lacy skirt, and maybe the gray one. 

They soon passed out roses from the floral arrangements to the fans in the line. I took one, too…

I placed my rose in my yellow Karl Lagerfeld purse…

The only inspiration I picked up are the spring 2019 colors of yellow, pink, and other soft and warm pastel colors, as well as white.


What do you think?

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