Spring Fashion Trends in the City

Sunday, April 18, 2021

This video brings back memories of the 80s and 90s. 

This video is interesting because it reminds me of shopping in the garment district of Los Angeles. But this video takes place in downtown Hong Kong, at thrift shops and consignment stores. Interesting vintage items designer pieces.

It also reminds of the flea market I went to in Nice, France.

Moreover, it also reminds me when I went with my family to Rio de Janiero in August 1985.  Everything there was very cheap at that time, and I had fun shopping around like this girl, in the Rio streets as well as a huge mall called Barra. 

Another similar experience was in July 1993, when my family went to Seattle, Washington for my brother wedding. We also drove to an outlet center in Bellingham Washington, where I bought some cute items, like J. Crew bathing suits and other stuff. 

I have also been in NYC garment district in August 1980, but I don’t remember too much of that experience, except it was interest and fun to walk in the streets and browse inside stores.


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