Skirt Designs For Your Forever 20 Look

Fashion changes its trends and styles constantly, but the attire of skirts marks the cornerstone in the industries of apparel and garments. A skirt is a fabric fashioned in tube-shaped and for the purpose of wearing it on the waist, hanging down from there. Be it a casual or a professional look, on a normal day or a party night, a skirt can just totally jazz up your appearance. It is versatile in a sense that it gives off a vibe of femininity, sophistication, flirtatious, warmth, stylish, sharp, authoritative, bold, prim and proper – all depending upon how you pull the look. While the outfit is just one, the mode, flair and designs are not only creative but comes with endless innovations.

Almost every girl at least has one skirt in her wardrobe – be it a petticoat, half slip or a half skirt. Here are 6 popular types of skirt designs which are stealing the limelight in the market.

1. A-line Skirt

If you want to have a dominant emphasizing on your hips, A-line skirt is the apparel you should go for. Essentially inspired from the letter ‘A’, this skirt projects a tightening grasp on the waist and then flaring out in a more flexible way at the bottom. It has some basic variations of Panelled, gypsy or Godet types of skirts. It is quite an elegant dress and can be fitting for parties.

2. Broomstick Skirt

It was a heavy hit in the 70s and the 80s, and like all the other contemporary trends, they are reviving back. If the authentic look of a hippie or a boho is what you seek, this crinkled beauty of a skirt is what you should lay your eyes on. It gives off a perfect cowgirl look and can be worn in the casual days full of activities and running.

3. Tutu Skirt

Nowadays, if you exude confidence, you can pull off almost any look you want to try. Among such is a tutu skirt which originally started as a ballet costume but found its way into the designers’ creativity who made this into a homey wear. The skirt adds some voluptuousness into the waistline and are worn best with halter or T-shirts.

4. Wrap Skirt

You don’t even need a defining tube-shaped skirt these days – you can replace this with just a rectangular piece of fabric of any material. Wrap it around your waist in a style you find unique and comfortable and knot or tie it up. It is pretty much like a sarong. You can make it in the variation of a straight or an asymmetrical skirt. The attire is perfect for beach or sunny days.

5. Pencil Skirt

A dress which is not strict about your formal or informal days, pencil skirt is what you should opt for. Typically a tube skirt, it has the characteristic figure-hugging aspect which is appealing as well as dominating. If you have a well-toned body, go with any blouse on the top, flaunt yourself in any forum and emerge victorious!

6. Skater Skirt

Looking for a garment which subtly makes you flirtatious as well as cute at the same time? Smart skirt is your right choice. Generally a short skirt with a hint of A-line and circling, it nicely sits on your waist and provides you comfortability too. It was a very celebrating attire in the 90s. It is a very casual outfit which is perfect for outings, dates or hangouts.


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Written by Rani Shete

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