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“Sailor Moon” is Actually a Fashion Shoot

“Sailor Moon” is actually a fashion shoot.

The clothes of Dior’s spring & summer couture collection in 1992, were the Palladio dress designed by Gianfranco Ferre.

The prototype of this dress is the Ionic column, one of the three columns of classical Greek architecture. The head of the column has a downward spiral decoration, and there are 24 grooves on the column body, which looks very elegant and noble. It’s also known as the female column, which can be found in Temple of Athena Nike of Acropolis in Athens and Orektheion Temple.

The ill-fated Saturn Sailor Saturn of the animated movie was made into a puppet doll from a very young age, and she is a rare subject of the death dark series in teen comics.

Although this dress is in a dark tone, the hollow design, and crystal pendant successfully create a “princess style! It’s also inspired by Mugler FW 1992.

Mugler’s meticulous detail design highlights a delicate cone-shaped outline, drawing out the perfect lines. Plus, the selection properly highlights the character.

After taking inspiration from “Sailor Moon”, the new fashion brand SOFYEE also launches the “Sailor Moon series products. The brand – Verge Hero focuses on k-pop store collections.

“Sailor Moon” moon diamond crystal necklace builds a romantic atmosphere and shows the girls’ princess dream.

Pictures From: SOFYEE series products

Similarly, SOFYEE also launches the “Sailor Moon” wallet series, “Sailor Moon” underwear series. They’re unique designs as well as memories of childhood.

Click to view the “Sailor Moon Merchandise” series.


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