Quick Guide: Say Goodbye to Smelly Sneakers

Learn some easy home remedies to avoid any smelly sneakers and feet that will embarrass you in the future.

One of the most embarrassing moments is when you open your sneakers and different color shoelaces in public and realize that your sneakers stink. You cannot avoid that uncomfortable gesture from your friends and family when they smell that bad odor. You can save yourself from this embarrassment and find out below why this can happen to anyone.

Often, people do not realize that the basic problem comes from their own feet. It is a combination of bacteria, sweat, and humidity. It is common for people who use sneakers the whole day at work to experience this. You do not have time to change your sneakers every couple of hours. The sweat that comes from your packed activity daily will cause a bad odor.

It is not just you that have stinky feet. In fact, human feet produce more sweat rather than any other body parts. Here are some easy treatments to save your smelly feet in the future. It is very easy and you can do it at home. You can save your favorite pair of sneakers by mastering all these awesome remedies.

Take Care of Your Feet

When was the last time you really took care of your feet? They are one of the most active body parts and do the hard work every day. Most people overlook the importance of basic foot hygiene because they think taking a bath every day will clean it completely. It is wrong and you need to give some extra care just like what you do with your hair and nails.

The first rule is always to wash your feet every day. Every time you come back from an outdoor activity or after wearing any sneakers. Clean it completely with mild soap and rinse it with water. Dry it thoroughly with a dry and clean towel. Make sure to rub around your toe spaces to avoid any bacteria growing in that area.

Once a week, you can exfoliate the dead skin on your feet. It will reduce any potential bad odor on your feet and keep the skin surface smooth. It is also very relaxing to scrub your feet gently with some brush and exfoliating pad. On a daily basis, you can use foot and deodorant spray to avoid any annoying smell. Use it before you put on your sneakers for every activity and you are ready to go! It is very effective for active people that love to walk, doing sports, or just for students.

Alternate Your Sneaker Pairs

You may have your favorite pair of sneakers that you want to use it every day. This habit will make your sneakers get worn out faster and make the bacteria grow quickly. You can alternate your sneakers every couple of days and let them breathe some fresh air. You can put them in the room temperature with good air circulation and untie the laces. It will help your sneakers to breath and rest. It is better to put it indoors or semi-outdoor area to avoid any dirt and rain that will ruin your sneakers further.

Freshened Up Your Sneakers

There are many ways to inject a good smell to your sneakers. Baking soda and tea bags are some of the cheapest ways that you can apply at home. You can sprinkle some baking soda directly inside your sneakers and leave it overnight. It will absorb all the humidity and bad smell completely. The same method can also be applied with teabags. You can put two or three teabags inside your sneakers. It will give you a soft tea smell and ensure they are dry when you wear them. You may also spray an essential oil into your sneakers as it will help ward off the odor too.

Store Your Sneakers Carefully

How you store your sneakers are also important to keep them fresh and clean. Make sure that you keep in their original box with a dryer sheet. Wrap it around each sneaker and put the box in the rack. A good cabinet will help avoid any bad smell that comes from mildew, mites, or humidity. You can have your sneakers in the perfect condition anytime. No more embarrassing moment of stinky feet when you open your sneakers. Be confident and wear your sneakers by using different color shoelaces happily.


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