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Questions about Artificial Nails

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Artificial nails: Ladies, have you ever used them for the beauty of your nails as well as of your hands?

Do you think that having and maintaining artificial nails is not an easy task? 

♦ Do you think that it is very expensive?

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 ♦ Is it true that fake nails require going back often to the salon (at least once in a month) to get them treated in order to avoid damage to our natural nails?

♦ Is is true that the bonding agent used to stick acrylic nails to the natural nail is toxic?

I have never used artificial nails, but I think that they look pretty cool.

Thank you.


What do you think?

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  1. Occasionally I have my nails done with bio-gel…but very occasionally…wedding..or social gathering or big outing…artificial nails are not for me…I have my own,lol …sometimes short…but that’s ok…good manicure does it all…but I love a good pedicure…with a back massage…I can easily fall asleep 🙂

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