Popular wedding dress styles through the decade, according to study

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful, white wedding dress is a momentous occasion we anticipate for years. Naturally, an unforgettable moment like this needs an even more unforgettable dress, and Shane Co. knows exactly what kind of dress we’re looking for. In a recent study, they mapped out the most popular wedding dress styles in every state and region, along with the top searched celebrities who rocked an iconic wedding dress.

Coming in first place as the most popular wedding dress style in the United States is the ball gown. This timeless style made its way into the hearts of 13 states by revealing itself as most popular in places such as Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Arizona. Maybe Cinderella’s fairy godmother really was on to something when she bibbidi-bobbidi-booed an illustrious blue ball gown from thin air. Another fun fact about the ball gown is that it is the most searched wedding dress style regionally. Both the South and the Midwest keep it traditional by having the ball gown as their most searched dress style, and it even appears as one of the top five most-searched wedding gowns in the West.

Proving its diversity, out West most searched dress types are the A-line, the asymmetrical, the ball gown, the princess, and the short-sleeve. Some may call them indecisive, but we call them bold. Lastly, the Northeast’s most popular style is the A-line, a dress described as a “tamed-down version” of the ball gown.

In second place, the princess wedding dress style is most popular in a total of 6 states, inclusive to states such as Florida, Texas, and Oregon. To help visualize, think of an accentuating dress that drapes loosely toward the bottom, but tightens around the waistline.

Now that we know the most popular wedding dress style, let’s get to what states searched for various celebrities and their respective wedding gowns. The top searched celebrity wedding dress in the nation belongs to the timeless icon, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe sported a total of three wedding dresses across her various marriages, one being the A-line style. She is most searched in a total of 13 states, including Connecticut, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Making her way to second, Celine Dion’s wedding dress is most searched in 5 states, and Pippa Middleton in 4 states – we knew we’d find royalty in there somewhere!

If you want to see what wedding dress style your state loves, check out the full study here.


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