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Loose clothing, lightweight and breathable fabrics, no padding, layering with open-weave knits, no heavy embellishments like metals or beads, covering to protect the skin… these are some good ways of dressing for the summer.

The summer months can be hot and sweaty. Some days can be really bad, thanks to global warming rising humidity. It’s good to head to the beach or the hills for that cool, fresh air. It’s the city life that can be a real pain. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the pain, as mentioned above.


But the one factor that will cause the biggest impact is the fabric you choose. Nylon can make your skin vulnerable to chaffing, polyester will be a sweaty nightmare, leather will not allow air circulation, and satin will make you feel hugely uncomfortable. On the other hand, the best summer fabrics include linen, cotton, chambray, jersey, and rayon. They are all comfortable to wear, lightweight, breathable, and allow air circulation. Wear a light shade to bounce back the sunlight, and you can stay cool when the temperature goes up.

Natural Fabrics Are The Best

Go for natural fabrics like cotton or 100% linen. Natural linen has the strongest vegetable fibers. It is extremely durable. It won’t fade in the sun, and won’t lose shape too. Plus, the material can absorb up to 12% of your body moist. Research has also revealed that linen can also lower your body temperature by 3-4%. And of course, you are going to love its rustic look. Linen is also very trendy.

Cotton is probably the most popular summer fabric, and for good reasons too. Cotton is lightweight and extremely moisture absorbent – the material can wick away moisture from your skin, thereby discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast. Air circulates freely because of its loose weave. Cotton is also very durable and will dry quickly.

The Best Cotton Fabric

The best quality cotton fabric from Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain and other European countries is available at the Tissura online store. Cotonificio Albini, are Hausammann, Thomas Mason and Liberty are the most famous cotton brands from Europe. They make the finest cotton fabrics for skirts, blouses, shirts, trousers, summer dresses, and others.


Viscose, especially rayon, which is one of the earliest types of viscose, is also a good fabric to wear. Man-made from natural synthetic, cellulose, wood pulp, and cotton, rayon is not very efficient in beating moisture like cotton does, but the fabric is very good when you have dry heat. Rayon threads are thinner than cotton, making the material more delicate and lightweight. The Tissura collection of rayon and other viscose fabrics comes from the most reputed European manufacturers.


Jersey will also be extremely lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable in the summer. Light jersey is just 130gsm. The most luxurious jersey fabrics are from Binda, Mario Boselli, Agnona, Etro, and Carnet – all from Italy, Liberty from Great Britain, and Guigou from France. You can make t-shirts, summer cardigans, tops, and light evening dresses with the fabric.


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