OC Fashion Week 2019

Monday, 9.9.19

Last night, while playing on my iPhone before bedtime, I noticed that that weekend there were some OC Fashion Week activities in South Coast Plaza, at COACH store. I wasn’t aware of any of it. So, I missed it. 

But on Wednesday night, after the Improv show, I strolled through the Spectrum Center mall, window shopping to do my own Fall/Winter Fashion Week.

1. Casual-wear includes white sneakers, leggings, windbreakers, denim jackets, camouflage mini skirt, tank dress, ankle boots, and slouchy beanies.

2. leopard-print, berets, and ankle boots for clothes and accessories.

3. bold and dark floral dresses and skirts, berets, cardigans, and graphic prints.

4. long biking shorts, ruffled details on clothes, cropped blouses, harem pants, crossbody purses, and small purses.

5. fake fur jackets, monochromatic red, and plaid skirts

6. bold prints

7. add texture to your outfit.

8. express your personality with bold and vibrant colored accessories.

9. cropped hoodies and messenger bags

10. warm-toned color clothes, corduroy, browns, and jackets with wool lining.


What do you think?

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