Nov 2018 Fashion Summary for women

Saturday, December 22, 2018

California Style Magazine, November 2018 issue, for women’s fashions summary:

  • Penelope Cruz models Chanel tweeds with a beret. Hailee Seinfeld models festive trendy outfits for November. Most are either metallic or leopard-print, and she models it in artistic poses. (Notice that actresses model in very artistic poses mostly to camouflage their features because they aren’t models. Some actresses are either short, while actresses are big-boned and chubby, and they have to look cool in these outfits even though they aren’t model-thin. Thin people look better in clothes. I have noticed it on myself. I think my clothes looked better on me when I was in my 20s because I used to be a very think size 0).

  • Cartier watch
  • Monochromatic pant suits include tailored pants, turtleneck, tailored jacket, and long houndtooth plaid coat. It looks traditional, classic, and professional. It can also be worn with tee instead of turtleneck.

  • Argyle sweaters are back. I actually have argyle knit sweater, vest, and socks from my teen years during the 80s. I also notices the jewelry looks very 80s because I have similar old stuff. If you need inspiration for these 80s fashions, check out old movies, such as St Elmo’s Fire, Breakfast Club, and other similar…I cannot think of titles right now…but there are many.
  • Bomber jackets with shiny fabric are back.

  • Black and white accessories are filled with crystal clear gems to probably give it that thousands of lights and sparkles of starlight symbolism theme. I will stick to wearing one or two clear gem accessories, whether a ring, earrings and necklace, or belt, bracelet, and pins.
  • Make a statement with a large chunky piece of gold jewelry, worn with a monochromatic simple outfit.
  • November colors were olive, beige, rust, curry, and cobalt blue.

  • December colors are ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, and bright yellow medallion gemstones, or consider darker versions—burgundy, navy, pine or forest green, Royal purple, and Tuscan sun yellow.

  • The Cali town fashion inspiration for November 2018 is Coastal Carmel in northern California. It is a cute small, village-like town, with rocky coasts, cottages, and small stores, which kind of reminds me of OC’s Balboa Island, 8 miles south from my townhouse. Olive, grey, army camouflage, and browns are popular colors for clothes, accessories, items, and makeup shades. I am not listing everything here, but the basic must-haves include traditional fashions, turtlenecks, long coats and jackets, puffy jackets and vests, jumpsuits, and long skirts. Boots are always popular during autumn and winter.  I also notice boat hats. But the lifestyle is all about a relaxing and laidback theme, along the coast, where you can just play backgammon, while lounging on cozy fleece blankets and colorful pillows. I have been to Carmel, back in the 80s, and I remember it is a cute and romantic town. I bought my first wool scarf for a store. I noticed the rainbow of colors of all the scarves organized outside on tables. I needed one, but I couldn’t decide which color because they all looked pretty. So, I finally decided on red because red was the new neutral color at that time. It does go with everything, especially denim, black, white, blue and white stripes, as well as many other combinations.


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