Nov 2018 Fashion Summary for men

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Earlier, I had marked some pages that stood out for me from the California Style Magazine, men’s fall 2018 issue. I notice classic pieces for men.

  • Corduroy trench coat with flannel plaid shirt
  • Prada sneakers and Cartier watch
  • Men’s suits include pants, jacket, and knit turtleneck.
  • Long coats with fur trim for men
  • Long plaid coats with pinstripe suit. The pants look cropped, probably to show off the bold pink socks and loafers.

  • Slim-fit denim pants, diamond studded Rolex watch, and transparent furniture.
  • Valentino embroidered track jacket in camouflage army and animal print, with matching fanny pack belt bag.
  • Plaid suits with matching long coats are also popular for men. The anarchy jacket is a dark plaid jacket with dark symbolism patches to promote anarchism.
  • Fall 2018 colors for men include midnight blue as well as other deep blue shades, besides the usually warm tones of army camouflage tones of browns and greens.

  • Lots of products in the magazines promotes the old 80s band Queen. Recently, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, which stars Rami Malek who plays the late lead singer Freddie Mercury.
  • Jared Leto models pastel suits, colorful tracksuits, colorful floral pajama-inspired suit, LV neon yellow turtleneck sweater and flight suit with puffy silver gloves, and he holds two red dynamites giving off red smoke, making him appear as if he is standing in the pits of Hell. He also wears a fur coat with a pendant chain of lion’s head, probably promoting slaughtered lions and other wildlife to their extinction.
  • I also notice that many of men’s jackets and coats now have an hourglass shape, in which I think looks weird and gay. The male model wearing these jackets and coat has long hair, and his face tends to look soft and timid.

  • Pierce Bronson’s sons, Paris and Dylan, with his second wife, Keely Shaye Smith, model some trendy outfits for young men. Such outfits include red and black plaid suits, knits, suits, monochromatic white suit with turtleneck, plaid coat, yellow raincoat, tracksuit, plaid hoodie, and rubber sandals.


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