New York Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Military jackets–I actually have one black one from a couple of years ago.

Cutouts–I am sure I have something cutouts.

Extra-long sleeves actually look ridiculous, as well as making the model look lame. But I also notice that thigh-high socks are popular again. I have a couple from the past when I was younger. The clothes look too baggy.

Pinstripes are cool. I have always like wearing them, and I already have a couple of pinstriped clothes from the past.

The Classic White Shirt comes in many forms—cropped, angular, one-shoulder down, and shirtdress. This one is cool and practical, and I can actually wear this without looking ridiculous.

Flower Prints blouses in off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, trench coat, jumpsuit, and neon embellishments on a t-shirt. These outfits look nice for spring and summer.

Bra tops are back. I actually have a Madonna Bra from the 80s as well as bandeaus from the 80s, although my two bandeaus are stretched out and old. These bras are cute if worn under a sheer blouse and a cute opened vest, or under a pinstriped shirt with a pearl necklace. I am not sure if the match bras and short and miniskirt slips are cute pajamas or worn as outerwear like some Victoria Secret lingerie. The line is starting to blur, and I cannot tell anymore. (I used to have a bathing suit with that crisscross long spaghetti straps that wrap around my waist when I was in high school, but my cousins liked it so much that one of my retarded aunts literally pulled it out of my hand to give it to her fat-ass ugly daughter because was crying for one. She is older and big boned. That pissed me off. I bought a cute bathing suit and a vulgar older relative has her mother steal it from me because she wanted it badly).

Navy and white stripes are cool because of the nautical fashions, which is a classic outfit during springtime.


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