My top 10 Fashion Picks for Autumn 2021 while sipping an espresso

Saturday, 8.21.21

On Saturday, at around 2 pm, after the art reception, I decided to browse in South Coast Plaza, mostly windowshopping and checking out Fall Fashions 2021. I stopped by Bloomies to sample the Nespresso espresso cup, which was good because it was made from a powerful machine.

It is hard for me to do it this way because I do my espresso via Moka or French Press. My small 1986 townhouse has weak electric unit, which cannot handle powerful machines, such as espresso machines. So, I do coffee the old fashioned way, although I have been drink coffee less nowadays because it is dehydrating and I need to keep hydrating myself. 

Now, I will post my fashion top picks for this weekend.

  1. LV in Bloomies window display

2. Escada window display

3. I noticed long shorts are in now. I had bought a KL one from Macy’s. Mine was on sale.

4. Warm-toned autumn colors at Nordstrom.

5. Collegiate back-to-school fashions are back…

6. Weekend Wear at MaxMara–monochromatic denim, cropped pants, tweed jackets, long skirts, comfy warm jackets, ankle boots. 

7. The cute peach dress at LV got my attention because it looks something something I would have worn when I was in my 20s.

8. This Chanel wide-legged dress pants got my attention.

9. I also noticed that long skirts, worn layered with turtleneck, vest, and belt, are now worn with slouchy socks and shoes or platform sandals for a cozy look. They are mannequin wears long boots. They should have also added a cute warm hat over the mannequins’ baldly bare white heads, maybe to match their outfits. This window display was at Tory Burch.

10. A basic layered look for cool weather, which involves a coat, cropped pants untucked shirt and cropped sweater, or a denim jacket, denim pants, untucked shirt and sweater.

Popular shoes includes boots, oxfords, sneakers, loafers, and sandals with slouch socks.


What do you think?

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