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My T-shirt design no. 7

You are all probably already familiar with my T-shirt and tote bag designs where I used one of my drawings for the print, the whole drawing or just its certain details that would fit with the certain message, and here I completely changed the print, didn’t use the drawing at all just the letters and the Quote I found interesting and intriguing in a way, still alluding on art…!

Even though I have several more ideas to post about Virily it can be very frustrating and tough, so, actually, it is something I seem to very much need these days, to keep calm, and the best for me would be to practice (and publish about) art, although it now seems I mistaken a letter (or I didn’t…? :/)… 😀

I hope you will like the design and tell me if you have some suggestions or corrections for it…!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much, I’m very glad you do!!! Thanks, good to know someone understands… 😉 Yes, I noticed many people are unfortunately not active anymore… I just don’t know how Virily team don’t understand that… :/(

        • Oh, really…..??! I’m glad to hear that and that you like them that much… 🙂
          Yes, actually they were listed on Represent (the site where I designed and was selling them) but unfortunately I couldn’t manage to sell anything… I don’t know why, but could be because it is mostly a site for celebrities and their campaigns for raising funds, while plain artists and creators couldn’t manage to sell much (at least I think so).. I thought maybe people don’t like them but later I learned some (or many) do… I’m thinking about maybe trying that somewhere else, on some other similar sites where it is maybe easier to sell…

        • Oh, yes, I forgot the main thing actually, haha 🙂 The problem is that the site changed the design features so now many of the colors I designed in are not available anymore and that was the most I liked – interesting colors…..

        • No, not yet… I’ve been planning that but not yet… The problem is that these are all designed online, not produced by me so I can’t sell them on Etsy until I make them (which is also an option…), and on Etsy I can only sell prints of my artworks for now, but just haven’t arranged that yet… :/|(

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