My Picks For Cool Tweets About Vintage Hats

If you are into watching old black and white films there are lots of them on YouTube.  So far I’ve watched old Shirley Temple films, Cary Grant movies, Sherlock Holmes played by Basil Rathbone, and more.  I don’t really know what to search for so I just go with recommendations that pop up based on my viewing history.  Hedy Lamarr was a very popular actress when I was growing up but I don’t remember a lot of her movies.  A 1947 film titled“Dishonored Lady” was in my YT suggestions so I watched it.  In the opening scene, Ms. Lamarr was walking down the street wearing a gorgeous vintage hat.  That hat inspired this post.  I love all things vintage but especially hats.

Here’s an interesting fact you may or may not know about Hedy Lamarr.  Ms. Lamarr was not only beautiful but she was very intelligent.  In fact, she was a scientist.  Or rather science was her hobby.  Did you know that one of her scientific inventions led to the invention of the WiFi technology that we enjoy so much today?  Read her story.


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