My outfit of the day

  1. ‘Pug Life’ shirt by SLU
  2. Mid-rise skinny jeans by Levi’s
  3. Skech-knit shoes by Skechers

Prior to my run, I just had to pair this cute ‘Pug Life’ shirt with jeans before wearing it for my run. At some point I would like to wear it with something other than just workout attire in order to put smiles on some of those pug lovers faces out there in the world. It has got some Tupac Shakur vibes to it.*Cuffed version*

Shirt featured in ‘The workout: New Balance x SPORT 2000 Marathon Challenge’ –

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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