My Combo Fashion Style 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sophisticated Casual fashion style is a laidback classy style. It has a clean style, but more casual that it can be worn during daily life without appearing too dressy. Yeah, I wear a lot of striped blouses, and even plaid or denim shirts as a light jacket over cami or tank top. I love wearing mules and clogs for every day. They are elegant but easy, and they look good with skirts and summer dresses.

I enjoy accessories, such as hats, purses, scarves, statement belts, and shoes to complete my outfit. During cold weather, I often wear gloves because they are stylish, even in So. Cali colder months.

And, during my creative dressing days, I like most of the clothes and accessories in this Boho Chic fashion video. I just don’t like wearing cut-off denim shorts, cowboy boots and overly torn jeans. I prefer nice denim pants.  So, maybe my style is a combination of boho chic and sophisticated casual styles.


What do you think?

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