My 10 Tips to Dress Expensive for Summer 2020

Tuesday, 6.30.20.

I just watched a video about looking expensive without buying expensive items. I decided to blog about my version. I used to dress cool when I was in my 20s, but most of my items were from sample sales at the LA garment district, outlets, and store sales.

1. A monochromatic outfit always looks elegant and clean, regardless of the color. My favorite is an all white outfit, especially for spring and summer seasons, as well as my felt light blue pants outfit, pine green outfit, burgundy outfit, navy outfit, beige outfit, and grey outfit. A monochromati outfit can also be trendy or casual, such as white jeans, white t-shirt, white moto jacket, and white accessories. 

2. Wear minimal jewelry. Usually a nice watch, simple earrings, one bracelet, 2 rings–one on each hand, and maybe even one belt are enough. But if you have to wear glasses, then glasses are also an accessory. Plus, other accessories include scarf, hat, cute purse, brooch for scarf or hat, and even a cute jacket or coat can be an accessory. There are also hair accessories. Therefore, if you want to wear a scarf, then don’t wear a necklace. If you are wearing a watch, then wear bracelets on the other wrist. Decide if you prefer a cute hat or cute hair accessories. A cute belt looks best with a simple outfit to give it style, and it should match the shoes and purse, especially if you are wearing a neutral outfit, and you want to add color, like red purse, red shoes, and red purse for accent. 

3. Keep makeup simple. Foundation for clear and clean look, lipstick in neutral or red that best looks good on your skintone, and simple eye makeup to bring out your eyes, especially if you wear glasses. Women who wear glasses need more eye makeup–such as using pencil to outline eyes, eyeshadow to smudge and soften the outline for a natural look, and mascara in black or brown to my eyes prettier. Blush should be a soft color, whether pink, peach, rose, or lilac, depending on one’s skintone. I look best in cool tone makeup, even though I will wear any color because I just like playing with different colors for fun. 

4. Don’t overdo it with the perfume. You don’t want to reek, even though you might love that perfume. 

5. Hair should be well-maintained, clean, and simple, depending on your preferred hairstyle choice. Nothing too wild or crazy, which tends to look youthful and trendy. I usually prefer a simple bob, whether one length blunt cut, layered with bangs, or the latest bob because I want to try a new version. Sometimes, I might feel like getting a pixie, in which I think needs more makeup because the focus now is on the face, and maybe cute earrings or hair piece. 

6. Nails should be manicured and pedicured for a clean and neat look, regardless if you have long or short nails. I feel color doesn’t matter because it is mostly preference. But the most expensive-looking colors are probably, nudes, clear, and red.

7. If wearing a sundress, halter top, or tube top, then it is best to have a nice coverup to be better put together, like a light trench, cardigan, blazer or a cute jacket. Plus, summer evenings and coastal areas can get breezy and cool anyway. Elegant women don’t show too much skin, even though they might be wearing a miniskirt. You can wear a short skirt with a nice tailored jacket and maybe cute kneehigh boots. 

8. Nice stylish sunglasses is also expensive-looking accessory because it can make someone look incognito or mysterious.

9. If wearing denim, then wear nice jeans in good shape without tears or skanky cutoff ends. I never liked cutoff shorts or shirts because I have always thought it looked like trash, even when I was young. But I have always worn denim since I was a kid. The ripped jeans I already own are old, and were ripped naturally because of wear and tear. I have never ripped clothes on purpose. But many people still like ripped jeans for the current style, and most are overdone that it looks terrible.

10. Hot pants can be elegant, if worn monochromatic because I think it looks clean and chic. Shorts shouldn’t be too short, like those slutty Daisy Dukes that go up one’s ass. Nice shorts are usually mid-thigh, and with a matching blouse as well as cute accessories, such as a statement belt and earrings to dress it up. Sneakers or sandals are best with shorts. 


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