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Millennial Pink vs. Revolutionary Red

Millennial pink arose due to gender equality that millennials have been raving about in the past few years. What was once a pink feminine shade, has now become the symbol of a post-binary, inclusive world. Millennial pink is the colour signifying a genderless tone and has become the part of menswear worldwide. Red, on the other hand, has always been an epitome of powerful people and even rebellion at some point. Revolutionary red was one of the attire choices of various politicians all over the world, helping them make an even greater statement with their wardrobe instead of just with their proclamations. So, if you’ve been wondering which colour should be your choice, we say both, as long as you know how to flaunt them.

Rock red like a celebrity

Not only is red revolutionary and bold, but it’s also timeless. Alongside black, red has always been the quintessence of elegance, sex appeal and class. We all remember Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress from River of No Return, so if you’d like to wear a jaw-droppingly sexy ensemble, look for nothing other than a red outfit. For something more refined, take Grace Kelly’s loveliness and elegance as an inspiration and wear red like you’re about to walk down the red carpet. Whenever you’d like a show-stopping piece of clothing, invest in something red. Be it a coat, a blouse, or an entire red-on-red pantsuit and a shirt, you’ll look phenomenal. A long silk red dress is the quickest way to leave everyone in awe. When you wish to turn heads, go for a sexy, off-the-shoulder little dress. Refresh your office attire by wearing a form-fitting, knee-length red dress. With a black blazer over it, you’ll look like the next executive you know you’re aiming to be.

Don’t fear the ground-breaking pink

Unlike strong ravishing red, millennial pink is much softer in colour, but equally as potent in making a statement. Namely, with the rise of millennial came new directions in fashion, which aimed to break the boundaries of our preconceived notions of gender. Male celebrities like John Legend, Ashton Kutcher, Pharrell and Bruno Mars worn pink proudly and looked equally masculine and hot as ever. By men accepting pink as the part of their wardrobe staple, the world has stopped to look at pink as a frilly and girly hue only. Therefore, whether you’re a man or a woman, or gender-neutral, you can rock pink like a pro and look fabulous. For all of you dress lovers, feel free to check out online dress stores for the latest trends and wear millennial pink like a true celebrity whether you’re a millennial or not. Another reason this shade is fabulous is that it can go perfectly with an array of other colours, giving your outfit the ever-needed subtle hue or keep it soft all the way with other light tones.

Accessorize smart

When you want to make a statement, reach for bold accessories. Matching pretty little details such as a leather handbag with a vivacious red dress can really bring that oomph to your entire ensemble. If you opt for an all-black outfit, feel free to offset it with a few accessories or maybe footwear in revolutionary red. A black shirt and a neat pencil skirt will look stunning if you had red nail polish, a red brooch and little scarf tied around your neck. That’s the charm of bold accessories, to turn an otherwise plain and practically invisible outfit into a chic and stylish ensemble.

Final thoughts

Both millennial pink and revolutionary red have made quite an impact on today’s fashion world, so it would be difficult to pick one as a favourite. What we can say with certainty is that whichever colour you opt for, it will look flawless on you because it’s our charisma and personality that make colours look stunning, and not the outfits on their own.


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