Men with Beards: Are They More Desirable?

In the 90s, I still recall swooning over boy bands with clean-shaved faces and an extremely neat look. At that time, it seemed that the bearded style was over. But now the bearded look has made a comeback, and somehow, it seemed more appealing and more manly. So, have beards become more than a fashion statement? And do men with stubble and full facial growth seem more attractive to women? Let’s investigate what role your facial hair can play in your romantic pursuits.

What do women think about men with a beard?

According to research, women find men with stubble incredibly sexy. Clean-shaved looks are rated as cute while full beards are described as unruly. Keep in mind, this is based on personal preference, and with proper care and discipline, men can rock the full beard growth and look great. Here’s another fun fact. Many women believe that guys with heavy facial hair and who shave less are likely to be more committed!

Not only women, but both the sexes believe that bearded men are generous, dedicated, hard-working, and self-confident.

What other traits do a beard symbolize?

Experts also hold the opinion that facial hair might also portray some negative traits like aggression and social dominance. While such personal characteristics might not appeal to many, some women might find it comfortable to have an alpha male look after her and keep the family safe. Did you know even most gay men prefer bearded guys? Beards can be a great fashion statement for all men.

How do you grow the perfect beard?

Now that we have established beards are indeed effective, how do you grow the perfect facial hair? Not all men are blessed with natural growth. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, hair transplants are not uncommon. This method is particularly prevalent in Asian countries. However, you can also enhance your beard growth with beard growth supplements and beard oils. Wild Willies has many premium products that can help you grow full, soft facial hair.

Men may choose to keep or ditch a beard based on their personal circumstances. In crowded cities and in metros where average incomes are lower, you might find more bearded guys. When the style becomes too mainstream, some guys may prefer to go clean-shaven once again. As with all trends, these things tend to fluctuate, but beards will always be around in some form.


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Written by Robert Johnson

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