Mall Walking When Temperature Over 90

Thursday, 10.15.20

It is 93 degrees in Irvine, Southern California, which is very hot for Irvine because Irvine is close to Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, which usually gets the ocean breeze most of the time of the year. I had to drop by the Invisalign office to pay monthly fee, before I drove to the mall to walk around because at least it is cooler inside the mall. There were people walking in the mall for a weekday. I ended up walking 2.4 miles and 5,889 steps as well as 1 floor from 3 pm to 5:30pm. It didn’t really feel hot, just a little stuff outside. Of course, I brought along a water bottle inside my car, just in case I get thirsty. 

I only walked in the main mall as well as the Metropointe Outlets, across the street. I didn’t walk in the Crystal Court part of the mall, which is attached to the main mall via modern walking bridge. 

Cartier’s social distancing cougar paws…every six feet…


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