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Making the Most Out of Your Old Denims

Denims are absolute love and a girl’s best friend whenever it’s about pulling off a sassy party look or just blend into the ethnic vibes. Then how can even one think off throwing it as a waste and not repurposing it into something really helpful? In case you are wondering how can worn-out jeans do any good to you, our fashion blog further unravels five creative ways to transform your old denim into a productive utility stuff.


• Cute Mini Skirt

Miss the fit and comfy feel of your old jeans? Just convert it into a cute mini skirt and you don’t have to be sad. All you have to do is cut the leg portion of your denim and the groin seam. Make sure you do the cutting part carefully, so the finish comes out to be well. When finally, you are done with the cutting and sewing part, give your skirt a final touch by adding pretty embellishments.

• Bunting Decor

Ever thought of revamping your room’s decor with an old pair of jeans? Give your room a quirky bunting decor by appropriating your old pieces of denim. Cut down your denim into triangular shaped pieces, paint your favorite styles with fabric colors on the triangle pieces and finally hang it on either a piece of string or a ribbon. It’s that easy and your room is ready. Do it yourself and create a beautiful space at any corner of your house.

• Strap Tops

This step may, however, requires a bit specialization as the sewing department takes it all, you can still try to make it on your own. Remember that measurements matter and when you are cutting your denim down be sure about the exact measurement. Usually, you can only make crop tops out of your denims but, you can always choose your personal style and customize your top accordingly. Experiment with different styles and let us know in the comment section if you like wearing your denim this way.

• Denim Pillows

Calling yourself a denim lover and not trying out these super easy hacks will only go against you. Likewise, if you don’t want to hit upon the same thing turn your denim into a pillow and add a little more fun to your bedroom. Just how classy girls never compromise with their style quotient, do not let your room’s feel put your style quotient down. Just either take the entire jeans or only the leg portion to give your room the right kinda feels.

• Carry-on Bags

Ever noticed your mom using her old piece of cloth and turning into a bag? Then why not try it yourself and that too on your own piece of denim. Denim is so much in the trend that it is very common to pass through a roadside shop and notice a normal denim bag hanging there, costing you some good 200-250 bucks. The point is why to spend money if you can make it at home at such an affordable price of like Rs. 20 when all you need is a scissor and glue.

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