Loomed 2 Items With Velvet Pastel Yarns

Monday, 9.21.20

A couple of months ago, I had bought three pastel velvet yarns on sale in Michaels. Last night, I was watching some youtube videos to decided on what to loom with these velvet yarns. I had decided on a cowl and a beanie. So, I spend all day today working on looming two items. I also used two of the colors. I finished the thick pink velvet yarn looming a cowl. Then, I used some of the  narrow peach velvet yarn to loom a beanie. I didn’t use the light blue narrow velvet yarn yet. 

I soon realized that velvet yarn is hard to deal with, and it tears easily. I followed two videos, but my version came out different because I used velvet yarns, and the woman in the video used acrylic yarn. My beanie came out slouchy, longer and wider, and I had to add a yarn at the bottom to cinch it around my head in order to make it fit. The beanie in the video was smaller and fit around the head. 

Acrylic and cotton yarn are so much easier to work with because I have more control on the looming and the item being loomed. I am just an amateur loomer, looming different items for fun with Youtube videos.


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