Kate Spade, Dead at 55

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

At 6:15 pm, I drove to the Turtle Rock walking group meetup, which is about a 4-mile hilly sidewalk hike. 10 people showed up for this evening’s hike, and it was a relaxing walk with nice summertime weather. It was a little bit breezy but still nice weather, and daylight until 8:15 pm. On the walk, a woman mentioned that the fashion designer Kate Spade died today from suicide. Kate Spade has a big name because I always see her name in department stores as well as fashion magazines. She also noted that Kate Spade seemed very happy before her death. So, it was a shock to hear that she was suicidal. I decided to research it further on YouTube to see with YouTubers came up with.

She was born Katherine Noel Brosnahan on 12.24.62 in Missouri, and she died on 6.5.18 in NYC at 55.

#2 Kate Spade And Andy Spade Speak On Their New Project “Frances Valentine”

Kate and Andy Spade promote Frances Valentine. They sold Kate Spade company to Neiman Marcus, and started a new line called Frances Valentine, which is a shoes design. She talks about creating her branding with Andy by not overbranding because it is important to keep it real. Apparently, her real name is Katherine Noel. She seemed happy and very busy, whether raising her daughter or working on her designing projects. Her husband, Andy Spade, is actor David Spade’s brother.

#3 Kate’s friend expresses her views

While checking out this video, I immediately noticed, “June 05, 2018 04:04 PM” and “hanging from a red scarf to a doorknob” have Illuminati symbolism because red seems to be important symbolism for satanists and Illuminati. Her friend, Fern Mallis states that suicide appears to be “out of character” from Kate Spade’s actual personality. Her actual personality was actually upbeat and perky, similar to the vibrant and bold colors that she loved to wear. 

The more videos I watch, the more I realize it is Illuminati sacrifice because she was moving on after selling her brand Kate Spade and moving toward new projects. Maybe she was now going on her own, like AVICCI was, in which the Illuminati didn’t like that because they wanted to make money off her new fashion projects.

#4 New Brand, Frances Valentine in 2016

Kate and Andy completely left the company Kate Spade in 2006, which includes selling all their shares. She then took a break from fashion design and raised her daughter, before returning to work in 2016 with her new line, Frances Valentine.

#6 Kate Spade’s Body is rolled out of her apartment building.

This Global News Channel reports on Kate Spade’s lifeless body being removed from her Manhattan apartment, located on Park Avenue. The sidewalk is filled with people and reporters. It is noted that her dead body was discovered on Tuesday, June 5th, in the morning. While watching this video, I noticed that the number on the building is 850, which adds to 13. It took a long time of waiting before medical people pulled out a stretcher covered with a white sheet and placed it inside a black van with NYC in white.

#7 Truther on YouTube Expresses Himself

This gospel talk radio video talks about Kate Spade was likely to be an Illuminati sacrifice. She was found hung by her doorknob, in which this YouTuber feels it was bullshit. It is true because the fashion industry is controlled by the Illuminati, and she did have a big name creating handbags. She was 55. For some reason, there is a “red” Kate Spade purse in the video, which reminds me of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, and I think “red” pumps were noted for that movie and novel cover.


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