If My Shoes Could Talk…

Monday, 12.28.20

As I get ready to shower this morning, I glance at my shoe racks, the one hanging on my bathroom door and the carousel inside my closet, and check out my shoe collection throughout the years since 90s. I realize they each tell a story. 

My trendy Charlotte Russe shoes

My traditional Nordstrom Rack shoes

My sexy Nordstrom shoes

My elegant and luxurious KL shoes, although I bought them on sale.

My elegant and luxurious SJK, although I bought them on sale at the annua campout sales. 

My elegant and traditional Jeffrey Campbell oxfords…

My cool gifted shoes…DKNY,  LV sneakers, Uggs, etc.

My lucky closing store sale shoes.

My Forever 21 shoes. 

And, there are those discount outlet and street vendor shoes, mostly for everyday where…

They each tell a story about my life’s adventures. Some are worn out for walking too much, while some still new because it is hard to walk in and I mostly wore it for minimal walking for looks. But this looks like good novel ideas…


What do you think?


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