How will a wrong-size bra affect your health?

Every woman is different and so are their bra choices. However, there is no woman who wishes to compromise with her health. This is why it becomes really important to make safe and right choices while picking a bra. According to statistics, it has been stated that around 80 percent of women end up wearing the wrong size of bra. If your bra straps hurt, give you rashes or make you feel uncomfortable, you are one of them too!

Importance of Wearing the Right Bra Size

Finding the right size of bra is imperative when it comes to a woman’s health in the long run. It is not only important for giving a flattering look but also to correct the posture and giving the required support. Moreover, when one wears an ill-fitted bra, the sleek and elegant look desired by most of the women is also compromised. In order to minimize breast discomfort and excessive breast motion, it is essential to wear a well-fitted and supportive bra. So, in all aspects, it is crucial to find a bra with perfect fitting and correct size. And, the best way to find the right bra is by referring to a bra size chart. Consider buying a prima donna bra that provides different sizes and comfort for your everyday use.

Health Problems caused by Wrong Bra Size

Breast pain

Irrespective of the small or large bra size, breast pain is one of the most common problems faced by women due to wrong-sized bras. When you wear a smaller size than your normal fit, enough breathing space is not provided to the breasts. Wearing a larger size results in excessive breast motion, during activities like jumping or running, etc. and can further lead to stretching of the breasts.

Back pain

Frequent back pain in women might be the result of wearing the wrong size of bra. This is likely to happen mostly with women who have large breasts. A wrong-sized bra can affect your posture. In such a scenario, the bra fails to hold the breasts properly and makes them saggy. Eventually, this may lead to serious back pain.

Blockage of lymph nodes

Wearing a bra of wrong size can block the lymph nodes. As the lymphatic vessels are extremely sensitive, pressure on them can not only compress but also even close them. So, it is crucial that a bra must hold the breasts in a proper way.

Risk of a breast problem

A wrong-sized bra can make one prone to the risk of a breast problem. This is one of the most dangerous side effects of not wearing the correct size. Though there are fewer chances, it is still not worth taking the risk. This is likely to happen when one wears a tight-fitted bra as it blocks the blood flow to the breasts and can result in cysts.

Sore Neck

Mostly, it is an issue for women with larger breasts as an ill-fitted bra can cause strain on the neck muscles. In contrast, a well-fitted bra offers support as it takes some of the weight from the breasts and distributes it away from the neck.

Sagging and Chaffing

In case the bra is tight-fitted, it is possible that it may lead to sagging and chafing. It not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also reduces blood circulation and results in skin damage. According to an expert on the subject, the band of the bra should be firm enough to hold the bra in place. If it is bigger than it should be, it causes rubbing on the skin, which further leads to irritation and skin abrasions like fungus, rashes and cracked nipples.


A poor-fitted bra does not provide support to the cleavage. This is a reason that the neck and upper back muscles have to work harder for supporting the weight of the breasts. And once the neck muscles are overworked, one is likely to experience headaches on a regular basis.

General tenderness

A normal bra can be a problem when it comes to exercising. Even during moderate exercise, the breasts move around 8 cm which results in pain afterward. Therefore, one must look for a bra that can provide support to the rigorous movements performed during exercise. A sports bra is considered ideal here as it reduces the movement by up to 83 percent when compared to 35 percent provided by an everyday bra. Also, a sports bra is specifically designed for the purpose of supporting the breasts; however, it is still important to look for properly-fitted sports bras for optimum results.


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Written by Sonam Tripathi


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