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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

It’s A Plus Size Edition!

Have you ever felt like the clothes you have in your wardrobe aren’t stylish enough to go with the trend? We all curvy women feel like that sometimes. Although you have your plus size closet filled up with dresses, you can’t use them because some of them are too old or don’t fit you anymore.

So, before you buy new clothes again, let’s have a look at the following tips and tricks to style the outfits you already have.

Button Down Your Shirt

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You may feel uncomfortable to button down your shirt, thinking that it will look unflattering. But, following this style will actually help you if you want to look slimmer. Choose a shirt that has stretch and design details to create a shape. If you have a meeting or a job interview to attend, just wear a blazer or jacket with it, and you’re ready to go.

Wear the Right Inner-Wear

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Inner wears have a huge impact on how will you look in any outfit. No matter how stylish outfit you wear, the wrong inner-wear can ruin your effort. So, ditch your sloppy bra and wear something that will give you full coverage and no bulge.  Consider wearing underwear that is stretchable.

Layer Up a Bit More

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Adding an extra cloth doesn’t always mean adding an extra pound. In fact, it will give your body a proper definition. Just wear your jeans with a favourite t-shirt and tie a shirt in your waist. This trick will make you look more casual and trendy. Besides, it can distract people from the direct view while helping you to style.

Match Your Separates

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When wearing any outfit with two parts, try not to wear from a set that has the same colour and design pattern in the upper and lower part. If you are wearing a skirt and tops, match from separate sets with the same colour but a different pattern. It will help you to wear the same dress multiple times without making it look old.

Use Belts And Accessories

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Sometimes we find it hard to love our curves with the same old clothing and style. Yet we can dress beautifully with accentuating our assets. If there’s one area of fashion where curvy women can rock, it’s belts, scarfs, bags and shoes. If you are wearing a tunic top, the belt will hold your tunic at the waistline and draw attention to your waist.

We are always searching for a fashion style that works perfectly for curvy body shape. Finding a stylish collection of plus size dresses in Australia has been an adventure for most curvy women. These tricks will help you style with whatever the clothes you have. All you need are the confidence and love for yourself.


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Written by Emma Sneddon

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