How to Properly Store Men’s Formalwear and Attire

A nice formal suit often sits somewhere for long periods between uses. How you store your formalwear will make a great deal of difference in its future viability. There’s a proper way to do it, and a wrong way to do it. Here are some of the proper ways to store male formalwear between uses.

Let Your Suit Air Out

When you take off your formalwear, don’t immediately start folding it or stuffing it inside a closet. Your suit needs a moment to breathe. That expensive suit likely consists of natural fibers and natural fibers like air circulation.

You can lay the pieces of your formal wear across a chair or hang the items up where they can have their own, unencumbered space. However, if you’re hanging up your formal attire, you need to show extra care with where you hang it, and what you hang it on.

Use the Right Hangers

Always choose luxury hangers for your formal attire. Use a round-shouldered, wooden hanger for suit jackets, blazers, sport coats, and shirts. Wooden luxury hangers, like those found at Butler Luxury, will allow your clothing items to maintain their shapes, while also allowing them to hang in such a way they can breathe.

These hangers mimic the shape of shoulders, which is why they work so well. When placing these items in the closet, try to allow them some room away from adjacent articles of clothing.

For pants, you can hang them by the hem, but only from a hanger with felt clamps or other soft gripping mechanisms. This process allows the pants to breathe while preventing stretching. If you lack the space, make use of luxury hangers with a trouser bar, which will allow you to fold the pants over them.

Cover Up Your Clothes

Get into the habit of covering up your formal attire. When covering suits, always go with a cloth cover or, if you have the means, a tailored cover specifically for your suit.

Never leave your garments in plastic, which is something many people do after having their clothes returned after they’re dry-cleaned. Plastic can harm the delicate fabric of your suit. The plastic prevents the ever-important breathing of your clothes and can cause discoloration as well.

Keep Away Moths and Mold

You can keep away moths and mold by making sure you store your clothing in a dry area, away from moisture. In addition, you can make use of cedar and lavender to keep those things at bay as well. A cedar block or lavender block will do the trick.

Your formal attire is an investment and taking care of that investment is important. You should always do what you can to take care of your expensive clothing.


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