How To Choose The Best Shoe For The Dress

Best Shoe For The Dress

You bought a spectacular dress that now languishes in your closet because you don’t know what shoes to wear it with. Or do you think that the shoe should be “that” awkward that you try to never wear? Every time women wear fewer dresses and it’s a shame because a few clothes are so sensual and feminine.

However, you have to know what shoes can be worn with each dress. The important thing is that you remember that your shoes should be comfortable and of good quality. If you are wearing a beautiful dress and have a sore face, nothing will look good.

The other thing to remember is the place you go to. If it is a dress for a wedding in the garden, no matter how well you are seen with fine heels, you cannot wear it, because you will spend the party with the heels sunk in the grass. If the party is on the beach, wear flat sandals. Remember that each dress can be worn with different shoe styles.

Do not miss these tips to know how to choose the best shoe according to the dress, and dress smart as well as being comfortable.

Shoes for formal dresses

Do you need a special type of footwear for a formal event? Depending on the degree of formality and the place where you are going, you will need to use one type of shoe or another.

  • If you go to the office, it is better that you wear high-heeled shoes but comfortable so that you look elegant and well dressed and also allow you to endure a busy day. The shoe stilettos are ideal for showing off to look great at work option.
  • Combine a  dress with a  dark blue tube skirt and black stilettos, or add a touch of color to your outfit by wearing a dress above the knee in salmon along with beige shoes.
  • If instead, it is a formal party, choose some peep toes or simple lounge shoes to combine any look with success.
  • Choose dress black with the skirt of lace to give a touch of originality to your look without losing a bit of elegance. Combine it with shoes of the same color if you are looking for sobriety or with sandals in silver for a more festive touch.

Casual dress shoes

The informal meetings with friends, colleagues or friends, give rise to a wide range of styles and combinations as there is so much need to fulfill an aesthetic regulation, which allows you to show off a look more casual.

  • If it’s an informal meeting with your friends, you can combine a cute striped or monochrome dress with flat or heeled sandals, or even dancers of the same color.
  • Bet on fresh and fun colors for your dress such as emerald green, orange, turquoise, yellow or lilac.
  • If you have a problem when combining footwear, keep in mind that pastel colors will always combine with light-colored or white shoes.

Shoes for very short dresses

Very short dresses are wonderful because they always style the legs and can be worn with high or low shoes, with ankle boots, and even with brogues for a very contemporary look.

  • Remember that if the dress is very short and the heels are too high, you will attract too much attention and your look will be somewhat unbalanced. The keys are very simple: the shorter your dress, the lower your heel should be.
  • Short dresses are not usually part of formal events and celebrations, so the variety of combinations and colors is very extensive. If you are looking for a look of tomorrow,  bet on light colors such as ocher or rosewood along with beige beaded sandals.
  • If, on the other hand, you are looking for a  sexy look for a fun night, a short red dress with medium heels in black will be your best allies.
  • For the more risky, nothing better than a dress with an electric blue tube mini skirt along with heeled sandals of the same color.

Shoes for medium length dresses

In the case of dresses that reach the knee,  the shape of your legs is essential.

  • If you have thin legs, you can wear low shoes. If not, the low shoes will make your legs look much shorter. It is better a heel that can be high or medium and will always stylize.
  • If it is a  very wide and steamy skirt, perhaps it is better to avoid closed pumps, because they contrast in a non-pleasant way with the skirt.
  • As for the tones that favor the most, it will depend a lot on your tastes. The medium-length dresses are a safe bet in any celebration, so if you opt for earthy colors such as green or brown, the ankle boots in black or gray will be a perfect, discreet and elegant combination.

Shoes for printed dresses

One of the advantages of  wearing a printed dress  is that it offers us more options when choosing the type of footwear, thanks to the variety of colors and styles:

  • If it is a  floral print dress, boho-chic style, the ideal shoes are usually those with the wedge, as well as leather sandals and even the ballerinas
  • If it is a  formal dress with an elegant plaid print you can wear a more serious type of shoe such as peep toes or stilettos. Ideally, always choose a  color for shoes, since the combination of prints in both dress and footwear can be a bit complicated.
  • Whenever you choose a printed dress, remember to choose a lighter and discreet tone for shoes. Ideally, the print takes center stage and the shoes complement the look, subtly and elegantly.

Shoes for long dresses

Long prom dresses should be worn with appropriate shoes.

  • If they are long and steamy casual dresses, the high espadrilles will look great, just like heeled sandals.
  • On the other hand, it is important to check the length: if you drag it and you do not have time to fix the bass, it is better that you wear high heels. If instead, you have left by the ankles, the high heels will look fatal, so it would be better to wear flat sandals.
  • There is a tendency to use the same color, both in the dresses in the shoe, but there are combinations that can make us look brilliantly. Bet on a coral dress with gold sandals to get a combination full of luminosity or a bottle green dress that will look splendid with black platform sandals with rhinestones.
  • If you bet on becoming the center of the celebration, combine a pink fuchsia dress with lounge shoes in metallic tones. The result will be sensational.

Buy comfortable shoes that do not mistreat your feet and combine them with your dresses favorably by following these tips. Remember that good taste combined with comfort will make you feel safe and splendid at any time of the day.

Did you know…

The turns were shoes with very thick soles worn by the actors in ancient Rome. Their size made them increase in height and that’s why they tried to make them tall. The turns were cork sole and were tied with leather ribbons.


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