How Slides Can Help Your Feet

Shoes can have more of an impact on our bodies than most people realize. If you’re not taking care of your feet, then you’re essentially not taking care of your body, as everything is connected. A significant way we can impact our bodies is by the shoes we wear. If your shoes aren’t providing enough support for you, you can develop issues with your feet, legs, and even your back. A shoe that is particularly good for foot health is the slide. 

Slides are great for lots of reasons, such as their affordability, durability, and comfort. They are a fantastic shoe to wear because they coordinate well with the majority of outfits, whether they’re athletic or casual. Even though these are great reasons to buy slides, one of the lesser known, but also amazing reasons, is for medicinal purposes. The shoes themselves don’t cure health problems, but are often used as preventative measures or even for rehabilitation. 

Slides are great because they provide you with aid in a handful of ways. One major way is by providing arch support. If you have the appropriate amount of arch support, then you won’t be stressing your muscles or ligaments. Just like many things in the body, there is a domino effect. If you have enough arch support and your ligaments are able to flex, then they won’t be pulling on your back muscles. 

Another benefit of slides is that the heels are cushioned. Similarly to having arch support, having enough cushion helps pad your foot, helping to prevent problems like stress fractures, inflammation, and back problems. 

While having cushion and arch support are beneficial, make sure you get the shoe that caters to your needs. Not everyone needs a lot of arch support, and too much cushion can in turn cause more issues. If you are unsure of your needs, go to a podiatrist, or even a specialty footwear store. That way they can accurately measure your foot and suggest shoes that fit your specific needs. 

These issues can worsen with age, so as a preventative measure, some podiatrists recommend wearing slides or another supportive shoe at all times, even around the house. An example of a very common, painful foot ailment is plantar fasciitis. This condition affects millions of people worldwide, and unfortunately it’s very difficult to get rid of. It primarily affects the arch of the foot, and it can be caused by tight muscles or strained ligaments. To relieve some of the pain requires a great deal of work and it’s easy.  

If you’re not thrilled about wearing shoes around the house, you can make sure they’re a fun color, like bright red slides. Not only will they be more enjoyable to wear, but you’re also more likely to remember to wear them since they’re not the same color as your other shoes. 

Your health should always be your top priority, so why not help yourself out by buying some slides? Like I said before, they’re affordable, comfortable and even stylish! Owning a pair or two of slides is a win-win.  


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