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Thursday, 7.22.21

These videos are interesting, explaining how designers got started. Most were poor, often struggling a lot, until they got their big break or breaththrough. Most worked themselves up from nothing, often doing odd jobs and living homeless.

There stories reminded me of Cruella DeVil’s Estella, as well as Devil Wears Prada, although the audience aren’t aware of how Miranda Priestley started out. But her assistants, Emily and Andrea, have to start out at low level jobs and work themselves up the ladder, which includes a makeover to improve their looks, even though Andrea didn’t last long at Runway. 

#1 The Homeless Boy Who Invented Louis Vuitton

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The story about Louis Vuitton, a 13-year-old runaway, who ended up being a homeless boy, working odd jobs until he created his brand. This story is similar to Estella in the recent Disney movie, Cruella DeVil, which is why Louis Vuitton’s Capucines were promoted in the movie as Cruella Devil Wears LV Capucines.

Interesting, Marc Jacobs worked for LV as their Creative Director, just like Karl Lagerfeld was Creative Director for many designer labels because he worked freelance. But Karl was known for Chanel.


Karl Lagerfeld was a solitary kid, preferring to draw and read than play with other kids. He taught himself French at an early age, and by 14, his parents sent him off to Paris, France to start his career. He got his big start when he won a coat design contest. His biggest competitor was YSL. He originally wanted to be an Illustrator, but he ended up in Fashion as a business man, which enabled him to juggle a freelance Creative Director career for different designer labels. 

Karl Lagerfeld was Creative Director for Chanel from 1983 to his death. He also worked freelance for Fendi, Balmain, Charles Jourdan, Curiel, Krizia, Valentino, and Chloe.


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