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It is always very special when a woman drapes a saree around her. Sarees are extremely adorned by Indian women. Sarees are never out of date. Women just love to wear sarees and this attire is very special when it is worn at any weddings or ceremonies.  Saree is a traditional wear which has been worn by Indian women for several decades.  The most magnificent thing about saree is it suits every woman whether short or tall and women with all different body shape. A saree is an exquisite beauty when it is worn with a well-designed blouse.

Saree with a great blouse makes every event very extraordinary. The gorgeousness of a saree is boosted when it is paired with a stunning and excellent blouse. A saree can be too simple or it may be over the top a suitable blouse could make the whole attire very beautiful. Before, there were not many blouse designs many women wear a similar kind of blouses. The designers would show the same blouse designs to all customers. But today there are many varieties and designs of blouses available for women. In the old days blouses were very repetitive of the same designs and patterns. It was very tiresome and boring to choose a blouse at that period. But now there is a numerous number of blouse designs which are very unique.

Blouses are very beautiful and gorgeous nowadays because you can get blouses with different neckline, sleeves and patterns. A great well-stitched blouse is adorned and loved by women.  Blouses also come in beautiful prints, fabrics and designs. Women do not need any fashion experts to choose the right blouse and saree but they themselves can play around with sarees and blouses of different designs, patterns and colours and choose the right one. But it is always interesting to wear the latest designs of blouses so let’s explore some new and latest blouse designs.

Latest blouse designs 

  • Lucent poncho blouses

Cape blouse designs are very fashionable. This attire is the fusion of tradition and style. This poncho type blouse can be suitable with plain saree. This outfit is also very elegant.

  • Corset Kutch full sleeve blouse

A corset Kutch blouse is very admirable.  Pairing a corset Kutch with full sleeves looks top-notch.  A silk saree can be draped with this blouse to look more charming. This attire is very sophisticated. This blouse suits all body shapes and  any women can pull off this look.

  • Kudan style blouse

Kudan embroidered blouses are very fascinating because the embellishment of these blouses is vivacious. This attire is very dignified and can be worn to any special ceremonies or events. This makes women even more graceful because its neckline is poised.

  • Multi design blouse

This beautiful blouse is designed with multi symmetrical designs. This look is highly fashionable. The fabric of this blouse is very different from other normal blouse fabrics. This attire can be suitable for parties or other stylish events. This blouse can be worn with a plain saree which is of simple colour. You can pull off this look by beautifully accessorizing this look.

  • Blouses with halter neckline

The halter neckline is very conventional and they are in trend these days. This attire is a blend of fashion and tradition. This halter neckline blouses are plain so it can be worn with a saree which has beautiful prints.

  • High neckline blouse

These high necks blouses are loved by all. They provide a sophisticated look at the same time this blouse can be sparkly and charming.  High neck blouse can be worn with a floral designed saree.  Blouses with high neckline can suit many body shapes particularly triangle body shapes, diamond body shapes and hourglass body shape. You can flaunt this look on any special event.

  • Semi-transparent embroidery blouse

These luminous blouses are very famous because many celebs wear and adorn this look.  This transparent blouse is lucent at the back and it is fully embellished in the front. This attire is very elegant and classy. This blouse can embrace anybody shapes.  You can wear a sparkly and grand saree with this beautiful blouse. You can accessorize this look by wearing a gleaming neck piece and with a dim earing.

  • Embroider boat neck blouse

Boat neckline has always been in trend. This blouse can look gorgeous when stitched properly. These boat neck blouses are worn by many women but they are never out of date. These blouses are very famous because it is very stylish. A boat neck blouse can look even more dashing when it is embroidered. This attire can be suitable for women with triangular body shapes and hourglass body shapes.

  • Full sleeve designer blouse

Many popular designers use this full sleeve blouse to make any traditional attire gorgeous. These full sleeve blouses can be worn to workplaces when it is designed with certain fabrics. Many women can pull off this attire very effortlessly. This attire is very classy and refined.  Nothing can go wrong when wearing a full sleeve blouse anyone can wear it. When a full sleeve blouse is embellished it can be worn to special occasions.

  • Lace blouse

Laces are always very close to women, women just adore anything with lace. These lace blouses can be worn to any dignified occasions such as weddings. Laces are always traditional but it can be fashionable when velvet fabric is used with lace. This attire is very shiny as well as refined. A low cut design would be just perfect with this lace blouse.

  • Patterned blouses

Any dress with a pattern is just highly fashionable. Blouses can be stylish when it has a striped design and zig zag patterns on it. These patterned blouses are just perfect the blouse colour, designs and detailing is the best part in this blouse. This attire is inspired by Indian and western designs. This blouse is suitable for all body shapes.

All these above-mentioned blouses are very stylish and latest designs. These blouse necklines and sleeves are very trendy. These blouses can look gorgeous on all women.  It is suitable for various occasions you can always try these attires to look magnificent. These attires are adorned by various women and it is highly recommended blouse designs.


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