Golf Attire Guidelines – What Should You Wear?

Are you planning to visit a golf course for the first time? Wondering what to wear? In the 21st century, dress codes have been simplified for many occasions. Suits and ties in the office are becoming a rarity, school uniforms are relaxed, beachwear has no size limits, etc.

However, when it comes to the golf attire guidelines, a few strict ones still exist. Even if you are planning a relaxed game time with your friend, you need to pay close attention to your outfit.We asked golfing experts to share common golf course clothing rules.

1. Wear Collared Shirts

Even though t-shirts are comfortable for golfing, they are out of the question. You need to have a collared shirt. Golf clubs believe that this is the toughest attire rule all players should follow.

Of course, you don’t need to wear an office shirt to the golf course (even though you could). The best choice is a short-sleeved polo shirt. It looks and feels exactly as a t-shirt does. The only exception is a collar.

The rule is the same for both men and women. Even though you won’t find it in writing, women are recommended to wear their collared shirts buttoned high in order not to expose too much cleavage. It’s a non-spoken rule.

2. Forget About Jeans

Jeans aren’t allowed on the golf course. Even if you love jeans, playing golf in them is downright uncomfortable. So the rule works for you too. Consider khakis or slacks. It’s up to you to choose the best color and material to suit your preferences and the weather.

Make sure your pants have belt loops. While wearing a belt is not required, you may want to do it anyway. According to golf attire experts from TheGolfSociety, clubs prefer men and women to wear pants with belts. However, you won’t be turned away if you don’t have a belt.

Try to avoid pants with cuffs. They collect sand and dirt.

3. Be Careful About Shorts And Skirts

You can wear shorts to the golf course, but make sure you follow the limitations:

·         Shorts shouldn’t be higher than just above the knee.·         Shorts should have belt loops and preferably belts.·         Shorts should be tailored similarly to pants.

Overall, your shorts should look like a shorter version of your golf pants.

Women can wear skirts or dresses. But they shouldn’t be short.

4. Buy The Right Shoes

This rule is not just designed for everyone to look nice at the golf course. It’s here to make the golf player comfortable during the long playing hours.

Investing in special golf shoes is a good idea. The shoes should have soft spikes in order not to damage the course while making your feet feel comfortable.

Don’t forget to be careful about the socks. They should match your pants. In case you are wearing shorts, put light-colored socks on.

5. Be Smart About The Colors

While the color of your attire is not regulated, except for the socks worn with shorts, it’s better to stick to lighter and toned down colors.

Light colors are great for sunny and hot weather since they don’t absorb heat. They are also suitable for any occasion, be it a relaxed game with a friend or a business outing.

6. Choose A Good Cap

The only rule about caps and hats is that you should wear them with the brim facing forward. However, you should also pay attention to the comfort of the cap.

It should be lightly colored to maximize its sun protection value and have a long enough visor to keep the sun from hitting your eyes.

Each golf course can have its own attire requirements. Make sure you check the website or call the representative to check them in advance.


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