Get Groomed: The 8 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair

Body hair removal is purposively done for personal intention, cultural factor, and even for the social aspect. Whatever reason it is, hair removal techniques have consequently increased in number for years. You can choose from temporary hair removal or more permanent ways.

Whatever your preference is, there’s a method of your choice. Do remember that some of the methods mentioned below are temporary. Here are different hair removal methods that you can choose from.

Pluck Your Hair – Temporary

Plucking or tweezing is effective in getting rid of the hair on your face. If you have a few hair strands that you want to remove, this method is a good option you can choose that will give you results which last longer than shaving. The hair will take longer to grow back since plucking method pulls out its hair roots.

It’s best used in shaping your eyebrows as well as plucking hair on the part of your face that’s expected to be hairless like cheeks or the part right below your eyes.

However, plucking isn’t advisable to get rid of hair on a large area of your skin. It’ll give you redness on your skin as well as scarring. If you feel pain after your hair gets plucked, rub an ice cube on the affected area to assuage the skin condition.

Trim Your Hair – Temporary

It’s a conventional method to use in getting rid of long hair. If you don’t want to have long body hair or you don’t want to be hairless as well, trimming method is best for you.

Make sure that the pair of scissors you’re going to use is clean and sterilized. It isn’t sanitary to use the same scissors in cutting hair from all parts of your body like armpits, mustache, beard, as well as your pubes.

When you start trimming, be careful in using the scissors to avoid cuts and nicks. Also, be gentle when you do the trimming because you can’t “untrim” it after. The length of the hair is all up to you. You can make your body hair too short or make it at least a half of inch long.

Shave Your Hair Off – Temporary

It’s a typical way of keeping your skin hairless and smooth. The negative side of this method is that your hair grows back quickly. That’s why you need to do shaving regularly and apply shaving moisturizers from time to time to avoid skin irritation and possible razor burns.

Always use clean shaving razors. As much as possible, sterilize it just like the scissors used in trimming. Avoid cuts and nicks since this method lets you have more of them especially if you are new to this hair removal method.

Moreover, razor moisturizers play a significant role when you do shaving. Make sure you don’t have any skin allergy with the products. Try it first by putting a small amount on your skin, and let it stay there for a couple of minutes. If you experience no skin reaction, you can use the razor moisturizer.

Wax Your Hair – Temporary

Hair waxing is painful, especially to first-time users. Many clinics now offer waxing services done by experienced and skilled specialists. You can also do this hair removal at home. However, it’ll be better if you let the specialists do it for you to avoid mistakes and possible infections.

The method uses strips with hot wax and put it on your hairy skin. Pull out the strips, and the roots of your hairs are pulled out as well. The hair takes longer to grow back since hair roots are all taken out.

You also have to check your skin sensitivity to the wax. Try the wax by putting it on your skin for a couple of days before you use it. If you don’t see any allergic reaction, then you can proceed with the waxing using the product.

Thread Your Hair – Temporary

The method uses strings that are twisted together to pull out the unwanted body hair from follicles. It’s a traditional way of hair removal in other countries. It’s also an alternative way of shaping eyebrows for women as well as for keeping men’s mustache and beard well-groomed.

It’s also painful to first-time users. However, if you’ll get used to it, the pain becomes bearable. A positive side of this method is that it doesn’t use any chemical, so you don’t have to worry about skin allergies. If you happen to feel a tingling sensation after removing your hair, you can rub an ice cube on the affected area to relieve the skin condition.

Do Epilation – Temporary

This hair removal method is painful for everyone. However, if you’ll get accustomed to it, you’ll be able to handle the pain. It also gives you results which will make your hair take longer to grow back like a couple of weeks after epilation.

Epilation removes your body hairs by grabbing them together and pulling them out from their follicles. Don’t put so much pressure on the epilator against your skin. If you happen to feel any tingling feeling after the procedure, you can again use ice cubes to rub on the affected area. It’ll help soothe the pain you feel.

Use Cream for Your Body Hair – Temporary/Permanent

If you don’t want to go through the pain from other hair removal procedures, you can use cream instead. Apply a considerable amount of depilatory cream on your hairy skin. The cream slowly kills your hair and makes it not grow again. However, the process won’t take overnight. You need follow-up cream applications to achieve the desired results.

Moreover, you also have to check your skin sensitivity to the cream. Put a small amount on your skin. If there’s no any allergic reaction, you can now apply the cream on your hairy skin.

Hair differs in thickness and color. It depends where it comes from like underarms, face, or from private parts. You can’t use cream to get rid of your pubes if it’s intended for your facial hair. Make sure to read the labels and directions of the products before using them.

Use a Laser for Your Hair – Permanent

Laser hair removal isn’t new to all people who have been doing hair removal for a long time. The laser gives off light to the skin and damages your hair follicles. If your follicles are destroyed, hair will not grow anymore. However, this method doesn’t take overnight as well. It takes a couple of treatments for you to see the desired results.

Laser hair removal requires proper planning and a careful procedure. Find experienced and skilled specialists near you to do the job for you. It isn’t as simple as it looks like. Specialists must do it with care and precision. One little mistake may give you irreversible damage not only to your hair, but towards your health as well.


Hair removal is something that a lot of people do nowadays. With tools and solutions available, it’s easy to do it yourself. However, you must also keep in mind which is the best one that suits you. You may not know that there’s another way of hair removal that will give you more comfort and ease.

The ways of removing body hair discussed above are just a few of the options that you can choose. You can always get any manscaping advice from hair removal specialists online.

Continue grooming yourself, always look good, and be more confident every day by trying one of these hair removal techniques.


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