Fashion Tips for Sophisticated Look

Thursday, 8.29.19

While going through my paperwork today, I noticed some fashion tips from September 11, 2007. It appears to be from Allure Magazine Backstage, but I am not sure it is from a website, video, or local mall fashion event. I read through the 10 tips, and they all still seem applicable for 2019, especially if you like the elegant, classic, and sophisticated look, which is timeless. From clean and simple during the daytime to dramatic at night, these 10 tips are all about being refined and polished.

  1. Glamour is all about pure style, which starts with a soft blush color in a pink or peach shade. It creates a youthful and fresh look.
  2. If you have long hair, consider sculpted Hollywood waves. It looks soft and feminine.
  3. Powdered skin help set the makeup. But only apply a little. Don’t overdo it.
  4. Highlight skin on cheeks, hairline, and lips
  5. Consider a low ponytail, if you have long hair. If short, comb back hair with simple headband
  6. Wear a classic hat, and other accessories. Consider feathers. Feathers are coming back in style for Fall/Winter 2019.
  7. Create a new twist in your hairstyle, in the crown area. For long hair, braid hair and wrap around your head for a sleek updo. If you have short hair, you can buy braid extensions for the same look, or just sleek your hair back with a simple wire headband. If you have short hair, consider a cute and fashionable hat.
  8. Liquid liner and graphic powder for a dramatic, rebellious and edgy look. 
  9. Always red lips, minimal makeup, and clean skin. Use earthtone colors eye makeup for the eyes for definition and sculpting. Always wear mascara.
  10. Wear classic clothes, but maybe add on trendy and fun piece to be creative and express yourself.


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