Fashion for the New Normal

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

During this time of zionist-occupation on the whole earth for the NWO agenda, fashion has become a less important interest, mostly because there is nowhere to go anyway. Many people are trying to move on with their life, pursuing outdoor activities and staying healthy, mostly from the toxic information floating around in society. I recently heard from different people, from real life as well as Youtube videos that lipstick sales has declined because the subservient women are wearing muzzles. Although I am not into the muzzle crap, I wear a scarf when I enter grocery store because the is the new bs normal. Earlier this week, when I was getting ready to go out, mostly to the grocery store, I thought why am I wearing lipstick when I have to wear a scarf covering when I enter. So, I decided to wear lipgloss instead. But I still wear lipstick during my outdoor activities because I like breathing fresh air when I do yoga, bike ride, and go on hikes. 

#1 How to add some “chic” to a casual outfit ǀ What to wear ǀ Justine Leconte

I decided to watch this video for practical reasons. It is about using what you already have to make it appear current and chic.

Wide-leg pants, palazzo pants, boxy tank top, off-the-shoulder slim-fit blouse, v-neck sweater, puffy-sleeve sweater,

Sophisticated colors include nude colors, pale neutral colors, gray, black, and white.

Jewelry, hats, shoes, purses, hair accessories, and scarves can all change a basic outfit, rearranged in different ways. Consider a bold or bright color for an accessory for an accent to the neutral foundation as well as to add a splash to the outfit.

To effectively coordinate an outfit, shoes and pants should match, lipstick and accessories should match, and purse and shoes should match.

You can coordinate an outfit with different shades of a color, which isn’t necessarily monochromatic because some colors just have an undertone of that color, but it is still a different color, such as red and purple as well as blue and green.

Textures can also create style, which goes to the next video about figuring out your style…

#2 Find your style – in 6 steps | Justine Leconte

This video is good for reorganizing your wardrobe each season. It is important to know your style, colors, skin undertone, personality, and lifestyle before your style. It also helps you shop better so that you shop for items you really need and want, rather than items you like but you end up regretting later because you felt that you wasted your money on something you never wear.


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