Fall Fashions 2021: Latest Trends…

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The first snapshot highlights the new IMVU eye makeup that I recently bought–full eyelashes, cateye liner, new eyebrows, as well as the new silver hoop earrings. Her eye color is also new in hazel. She will be wearing the same makeup and new manicure with many rings throughout this photo shoot.

I woke up late today, at 1 pm, but I felt I had a good well-rested sleep. I went on the internet and decided to put together my Fall Fashions Photo shoot for IMVU avatar model with the new items I bought yesterday.  I did 16 snapshots of different poses, at different locations. I mixed some old clothing and accessories with my new items. She looks cute, like a high fashion supermodel.

The 2nd snapshot is a closeup shot on the cute teddy belly charm as well as the shiny belly chain, which shows off her small waist with the high fashion but skimpy houndstooth skirt suit. She also wears new diamond studs earrings and off-white stacked heels sandals.

The 3rd outfit is the new preppy look for fall 2021. She wears a cute argyle mini skirt with a matching cropped vest and untucked white shirt. She also has new preppy large eyeglasses and new blond blunt-cut long bob. She wears her old white sneakers here…

This 4th outfit reminds me of a Versaci outfit, as well as the new matchy-matchy outfit from head to toe. So, I bought the blouse, pants, high-heel shoes and matching purse. She looks very high fashion and wealthy elite. 

The 5th outfit is casual streetwear in plaid. She models her new plaid pants, black bandeau top, and plaid shirt, with her new hightop sneakers. She also wears her new hoop earrings. Her cap is old. I just noticed on the 2nd snapshot here that the sneakers have Nike logo.

The 6th outfit is a casual white short leisure suit with her new white sneakers and new hoop earrings.

The 7th outfit is her new khaki cargo pants with her new bandeau top and plaid shirt, and new white sneakers. 

The 8th outfit is her new gree shorts with her new white sneakers. Other items are old.

The 9th outfit is a gym outfit. She models her new black gym bra with an old black gym shorts and new hightop sneakers. She also wears her new belly chain around her waist.

The 10th outfit is a long skintight beige dress–very sleek and sexy, with her new black strappy shoes, new butterfly bracelet and new hoop earrings.

The last snapshot is a closeup on her face to showcase the new makeup and her new hazel eyecolor as well as her new eyebrow and hoop earrings. Wow, she looks very high fashion.

Which ones are you buying for this autumn 2021?


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