Dressing Classic

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

THE WHITE SHIRT: It can be worn in many different ways and in many different outfits. One way is denim skinny jeans, and camel coat, jacket or blazer. Add black belt, black shoes, black purse, and sunglasses to complete the look.

WHITE DENIM PANTS: It can be worn with white blouse, and camel or beige blazer. Add animal print or beige shoes, belt and purse. A striped shirt looks good with white pants. 

WHITE BLAZER: It can be worn with denim pants, white pants, black pants, beige pants, or really any color pants or skirt. 

BLACK TURTLENECK:  It can be worn with black leggings, beige trench coat, black shoes, and black purse.

NAVY BLAZER: It can be worn with white tee, and denim pants. Add red purse, red shoes, and red belt.

Also, consider a cute hat, such as beret, knit hat or fedora with your outfit. 


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