Decora Street Fashions

Decora is the oldest Harajuku style of street fashions in Tokyo, Japan. It is about freedom of expression, freedom of labels, and being you by dressing the way you want to dress. It is about rebelling against rules and having fun with fashion. I get it because I was never into one particular style or fashion label. I just dress in whatever I like, regardless if it is a designer label, no name, or fake version of a designer label. I am more into a particular look. I like to have fun with fashion and dress creatively, but not to this extreme. It is similar to UK’s punk street fashions, but Japanese street fashions is cute in pastels. UK punk street fashions is more goth. Every culture has their particular street fashion style. I think LA during the 80s had The Club Kids.

I think this Japanese street style fashion is interesting, although it is too childish for me. It is too cutesy and kind of sweet, perfect for teenagers and younger kids. It kind of reminds me of Hello Kitty merchandise.


What do you think?